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Tobacco Sherbetli


Hookah tobacco Serbetli is considered one of the most popular on the market due to its excellent taste, a whole palette of diverse tastes, as well as an attractive price. The highlight of this tobacco can be safely called the addition of natural honey to the flavoring, as well as boiling tobacco leaves in honey syrup, which allows you to completely get rid of bitterness and gives the finished tobacco a pleasant sweetish aftertaste during smoking. 
Hookah smoke and its durability allow it to smoke with the correct pile at least an hour, and the ease of working with him in the pile, as well as the physical properties of the mix, it makes it possible to easily prepare a tasty hookah even a novice.


The main advantages of the tab and Serbetli

Experienced amateurs hookah, as well as professional Hookah identified a number of benefits that can boast of tobaccos from different lines:

  • The use of exclusively natural raw materials and components in the production;
  • The use of Virginia tobacco, which has established itself as the best base for the mix;
  • Carefully soaked leaves, however, at the same time, Serbetli tobacco does not require extraction;
  • A large amount of smoke, as well as a fairly high heat resistance;
  • Lightness, in comparison with products from other products manufacturers;
  • Ready to pack immediately after opening the package;
  • A wide range of flavors;
  • Reasonable price.

Types and varieties of flavors Serbetli

Tobacco for hookah Serbetli - this is one and a half hundred of the most varied tastes, ranging from all the usual fruit, ending with exotic and extraordinary mixes. Among them, such interesting positions as Turkish baklava — a taste reminiscent of traditional honeyed oriental sweetness, kvass — the aroma of an infused, slightly sour drink, or the traditional three-layer Vietnamese dessert Che-Ba.

Original tobacco for the Shcherbetli hookah “Istanbul Night”. It blends perfectly with any other flavors from Serbetli tobacco and is able to add an original twist to almost every mix, due to its rich and at the same time light aroma.

Today, the following flavors brought the most popularity to the brand: 

  • Berry - a berry mix combining the sourness of blackberries, as well as the sweet notes of ripe raspberries;
  • Milk - a milky aroma that experienced hookah users prefer to mix with other aromas, shading them with their fullness and saturation. Beyond mixtures, tobacco resembles Kinder Surprise chocolate milk;
  • Rotata - the familiar taste of the cocktail of the same name. It combines mango, guava, as well as a delicate creamy shade that gives the aroma lightness and sweetness;
  • Summer Time is a typical oriental taste from Serbetli Tobacco, which combines a palette of floral aromas with light fruity notes. Hookah workers with experience recommend it to smoke through milk in order to open the tobacco from the first puffs;
  • Coconut - coconut tobacco intended for mixing with fruit flavors. Best suited for blending with exotic and tropical flavors;
  • Cherry with cola is a sweetish flavor that resembles a real Coke with a cherry. The aroma is relatively new, but already in high demand due to its originality and high quality. 

Buy Sherbetli tobacco in Ukraine with delivery


Today, buy Serbetli tobacco in Ukraine can be in different packaging. The most popular is 50 gram packaging, which is enough to enjoy the taste at home and not get used to it. 
In turn, you can also buy Sherbetli in Ukraine packaged in packs weighing 1000 grams. Hookah clubs and bars prefer this packaging, where tobacco from this manufacturer is in great demand. 
Order Serbetli tobacco at an attractive price right now and create a unique atmosphere of an oriental fairy tale while smoking today!