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Dark Side tobacco


Dark Side hookah tobacco is a product from manufacturer that got to us relatively recently - in 2015. However, over the past few years, it has become one of the most sought after in the market. And this is not surprising, since its characteristics are similar to high-quality American-made Tangiers, but it costs several times cheaper. 
Darkside tobacco aroma owes to its durability and pleasant taste characteristics of manufacturers from Germany, where some of the most recognizable brands are created at leading enterprises in a hookah mix environment.


Tobacco Darkside - properties and characteristics 


Tobacco for a hookah Darkside can safely claim the premium segment, through the use of high quality tobacco leaf, in combination with high-quality and environmentally friendly flavors, which are based on only natural ingredients. 
In favor of this product is also the fact that it has repeatedly received high marks from certification bodies and authorities, and is also in great demand among the best hookah workers in our latitudes.



Dark Side tobacco consists mainly of Virginia leaves, but it cannot be called a classic single-species product. The manufacturer also adds selected leaves of other, equally high-quality varieties, which gives the finished product piquancy, an original taste, as well as a certain zest that is appreciated by real hookah gourmets.


Features Dark Side tobacco production


The tobacco production process involves steaming the raw materials at high temperature initially. Then it is boiled in syrup with the addition of sugar. This step is necessary so that the final product is as resistant to high temperatures when smoking and does not fade, losing its taste. Also, boiling in syrup completely removes the bitterness that is inherent in untreated leaves. 
Boiled leaves in this way are then processed with fragrances that have the highest durability and at the same time softness and delicacy.


Varieties of Darkside tobacco flavors 

Darkside tobacco has over thirty different flavors and flavors on the market. Among them, it is especially important to note the RAW model, or “pure” tobacco without flavoring, which is designed to create various mixes, acting as a basic flavor.


Today Dark Side can be bought in Ukraine in three types of fortress: 


  • Soft - light and smoky tastes designed to maximize relaxation and are ideal for beginners;
  • Medium - medium strength, which are great for experimentation, as well as a good time with hookah lovers;
  • Rare - the line has a high repost and richness, which will suit mainly sophisticated hookah lovers.

At the same time, the catalog can be found as classic fruit or berry aromas, according to like Blackberry - juicy blackberry or Generis Cherry - sour cherry, and unusual, specific tastes, like Tooth Fairy or Pepperblast.

Tobacco packing for hookah Darkside


Darkside hookahs can boast of high heat resistance and behave pretty well with different ways of driving. They show themselves best when driving “fannel”, or “overpack”, because when overheated, the mix will not lose its taste and it can be easily “reanimated” after overheating just by slightly cooling the bowl. 
In turn, the lungs tastes reveal themselves well if they are hammered with an ordinary well. With sufficient traction, such tobaccos open up from the first minutes of smoking and hold the flavor for a long time. 


Buy Darkside tobacco with delivery in Ukraine

If you decide to buy Darkside Tobacco in Ukraine, then you will find standard packaging weighing 100 grams, which is quite enough for home use, as well as 250 grams, more suitable for bars and hookah clubs.

Given the fact that the price of Darkside tobacco from the manufacturer was initially set to be very affordable, today it’s a little perhaps not the only option to get a good, smoky mix that will allow you to truly enjoy the original taste and aroma and at the same time not to spend a large amount of money.