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Quite recently, high-quality tobacco at an affordable cost appeared on the domestic hookah market - Buta. The country of its production is Jordan. Not strong, and light enough, at the level of Serbetli and Adalya , it is very popular among smokers. A wide assortment of flavors is one of the main advantages of these tobaccos, which allows each lover to smoke a hookah to find a favorite for himself in the presented flavor line.

Tobacco from the Buta brand - emphasis on quality

Products are created using many years of Jordanian technology, resulting in a truly perfect product. The selected ingredients that make up such tobacco provide a harmonious taste.

Based Jordanian tobacco:

  • selected tobacco leaves Golden Virginia;
  • exclusively natural flavors;
  • glycerin. 

All this guarantees a delicious taste and divine fragrance during hookah smoking . The abundant soaking of the product and a sufficient amount of glycerin, which is part of the smoking mixture, provide a large amount of smoke that can be enjoyed during the smoking of the hookah, which is especially appreciated among hookah smokers.

Due to the optimal level of humidity and heat resistance, you can smoke such tobacco for as long as possible, without losing its original taste and even without a hint of bitterness.

Small slicing of tobacco is another significant issue product property. You are unlikely to find logs or sticks in the mix, so even a novice hookah smoker will be able to score the bowl correctly.

The range of tastes t Abaca Buta

The number of flavors from the Buta brand is truly surprising. Here you can easily find stunning and maximally natural mono tastes, as well as mixes that have no analogues in the competition. The most common and popular flavors are: 

  • Caspian Breeze - a delicious combination of watermelon and mint gives a feeling of freshness and coolness when smoking a hookah;
  • Coconut is a sweet tropical coconut that is great to smoke solo and works great in mixes;
  • Plum - a bright and original ripe plum is clearly guessed in the process of smoking such tobacco. The taste is really worth trying.
  • Tutti Frutti - for those that wants to feel even more fruit aftertaste, you should definitely try such tobacco. It is not only smoky and fragrant, but also full of notes of well-known tropical fruits. 

Looking for light, inexpensive, and really smoky tobacco? Then be sure to try the products from the Jordanian manufacturer, which is presented in a wide range on the website of our online store.