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Tobacco Bali

When smoking a hookah, a lot depends on the chosen mixture. Manufacturers today offer a wide range of products. Hookah tobacco is created from various components from all over the world. If you constantly use a hookah, then you should buy Bali hookah tobacco. It combines affordable cost and high quality. The manufacturer is located in Turkey, but this mixture has long won love among consumers in Europe and, especially, Ukraine. In our market you can find the entire line of flavors.

Balli tobacco: featurs


The composition of this hookah mix is ​​very standard:

Since weak varieties are used for products, it has a small strength. Finely cut tobacco sheets are used and soaked in syrup, but they do not need to be wrung out before hammering. The heat resistance of the product is low, so it is easy to smoke, and there is no discomfort in the throat. To feel the full flavor note, it is recommended to use a classic filling.

Balli tobacco flavors are rich and natural. They will appeal to beginners and true hookah connoisseurs. The line of flavors consists of both standard scents and interesting mixes.

  • treacle;
  • tobacco sheets;
  • glycerin;
  • flavorings.

Balli tobaccohow to mix?

The manufacturer has already thought about its customers and offers several unique mixes. For example, Balli Kiss, Ratana, Eastern Night, Summer Fun. But these smoking blends differ in that each standard taste can be mixed with others without any problems, creating a truly unique and unusual product. Any bowls can be used for driving (except fannels). And you can enjoy the pleasant process of smoking from 40 minutes to an hour. It is recommended to constantly adjust the intensity of the heat, otherwise the tobacco may burn.

Flavor range: popular Balli foods

Табак Бали

The products of the Turkish company are supplied to the territory of Ukraine from the very beginning of the production of the tobacco mixture. The most popular tastes among hookah lovers are:

  • Strawberry Banana Ice — one of the most popular mixes in the product line, delicious strawberry and banana flavor with a refreshing hint of mint;
  • Tingle Wynky — another interesting mix that combines the tastes of passionfruit, grapefruit, orange and lime, it is recommended to smoke this moissel solo, but you can also combine it in different mixtures;
  • Boro Boro — the perfect scent for a summer mood, as it combines the aroma of tropical fruits and coconut to give the mixture a unique character, a drop of rum is used;
  • Tsunami — the manufacturer decided to dream about what scent a tsunami might have and added tropical fruits to this mixture with a light refreshing hint of mint, a very light option that allows you to completely plunge into the smoking process;
  • Cheesecake Lemon — ideal for gourmets, has a pleasant lemon pie flavor;
  • Wildberry Chill — raspbery, blackbery and bluebery for a truly summery mood;
  • Kiss — combines different berries and fruits, it is recommended to smoke solo, because this is the only way you can feel the uniqueness of the aroma.

Balli tobacco blend is particularly popular in our country. This can be explained by its low cost and many interesting mixes.

Online store «Tabakka»: purchase advantages

If you are looking for inexpensive, weak, but tasty tobacco, then you should definitely take a closer look at this option. Bali is a rather smoky mixture that gives a lot of pleasant moments. A wide assortment of flavors allows you to roam around and choose something new and interesting every time to relax alone or with friends. The Tabakka online store is a great place to buy original products from a Turkish manufacturer. Our main advantages:

  • pleasant price of goods;
  • you can always get professional advice;
  • we offer the most popular hookah smoking accessories;
  • the assortment is constantly expanding due to new acquisitions;
  • order can be made very quickly.

Delivery of products is carried out by "New mail" (Kiev and all of Ukraine). Wherever you are, you can enjoy the perfect hookah with 100% quality products from «Tabakka».