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Tobacco for hookah Adalya (Adalia) Kiev 

Hookah tobaccos are increasingly gaining popularity in our country due to the spread of hookah culture and the emergence of numerous hookah bars and clubs in all major cities.

At the same time, various hookah tobacco manufacturers began to penetrate the market, offering a quality product at a low price. Among them is tobacco for Adalya hookah. This German brand of Turkish origin has gained quite a lot of popularity in Ukraine in just a few years. Having first appeared on the market in 2015, this tobacco has become very popular due to its lightness and at the same time rich taste.

Today, you can buy Adalia tobacco in the Tabak online store at a low price in one of three packaging options : 

  • 50 grams;
  • 250 grams;
  • 1 kg. 

Due to its taste characteristics , tobacco is perfect for both beginner hookah lovers and experienced sweet smoke lovers. The fact is that the strength of tobacco is considered quite moderate, due to the not very high nicotine content, and in a wide palette of tastes and a variety of lines even the most demanding smoker will be able to discover new facets of taste and original mixes.

Taste Adalia tobacco qualities 

Adalia tobacco contains the following ingredients:

  • Tobacco leaf;
  • Glycerin for smokiness;
  • Flavors ;
  • Honey and molasses

Buy Adalat tobacco for hookah - it means to prefer the ease and smoke at this - relatively high duration of smoke. It is based on Virginia Golden tobacco leaf, which is impregnated with natural honey and molasses, as well as special flavors based on natural ingredients and identical to natural flavors. Due to this, the smoke does not have a “chemical” flavor characteristic of mixtures of this price category, and smokes become longer due to high-quality leaf impregnation.

It is worth mentioning that tobacco has a fairly high level of heat resistance. It completely lacks various impurities or stalk residues from production. It does not require spinning, and perfectly tolerates heat. All these factors allow even a beginner lover of hookah gatherings to work with tobacco. The only thing you need to pay attention to when driving is the fact that when laying in the bowl, the mix should be slightly fluffed, as the sheet is cut thin enough. In the case of a competent placement of the mixture in the bowl, the smoke will not only be long, but will also reveal all the facets and notes of the taste laid down in the selected mix from Adalya.

Adalya tastes and a variety of aromas


To date, the brand catalog contains more than 80 different tastes and mixes. Some of them are well-known and familiar tastes, such as: IceApple, DoubleMelon, IceMango or StrongMenthol. However, at the same time, the manufacturer releases a whole series of its own unique mixes. The most famous mixtures that you can buy from Adalya Tobacco in Ukraine:

  • Love 66 - perhaps the most popular fragrance from Adalya, light and fresh, it collected floral aromas, as well as menthol, passion fruit and wild berries;
  • Cactus - an unconventional aroma, including shades of guava, peach and pear, developed as an original taste one of the first in the line;
  • LemonLime - sour taste, most often used as a base for sweet and sour mix;
  • LimePie - one of the most popular flavors of the brand - the scent of lemon pie, which is so called one of the competitors could not replicate;
  • Milk - the original taste of milk chocolate-like Kinder;
  • ColaLemon - traditional taste sweet cola with a slight citric acidity. 

Today, Adalya tobacco can be bought in Ukraine in the Tabakka online store at an attractive price. Choose mixes from Adalya and enjoy the original and sophisticated tastes during a relaxing break. On the site you will find a huge amount of hookah tobaccos !

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