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Tobacco for hookah Afzal (Afzal) - oriental piquancy and high quality

Indian producers are rather poorly represented in the Ukrainian market of hookah accessories. The fact is that the main market share over the past few years has been divided between Turkish, Egyptian, Jordanian, American and German firms. However, in the last couple of years, there has been a great demand on the market for exotic products that are being satisfied by Indian manufacturers and, in particular, Afzal Tobacco, which is produced by Sopariwala Exports.

The main advantages of tobacco from Afzal (Afzal) 

Tobacco from this Indian producer has become widespread literally in the last couple of years, and if today you can buy Afzal tobacco in Ukraine in almost every store, several years ago it was quite problematic to find it. The wide popularity of this tobacco was ensured by its high taste and a number of advantages characteristic of this brand. The following are distinguished among them:

  • Quite small and neat slicing of tobacco leaf;
  • The presence in the catalog of both basic tastes and original mixes characteristic only for this manufacturer;
  • Thick smoke and persistent aftertaste that persists after an hour of smoking;
  • Uniformity of burning of tobacco in a bowl;
  • High duration of pokur, due to thoroughly impregnated leaves;
  • Low Afzal tobacco price and convenient packaging.

It's not all the benefits of tobacco Afzal, but this is enough to pay before ochtenie this particular brand when selecting the next mix adlya relaxing smoke in a friendly atmosphere.

A variety of flavors from Afzal (Afzal)

Today, the brand boasts of having more than 60 flavors in the catalog. And this is not surprising. A wide range of spices and additives typical of Indian producers, as well as a favorable Indian climate that promotes the cultivation of succulent and healthy plants - all this made the palette of flavors from Afzal one of the most interesting for smokers. In the Tabakka online store you can buy tobacco for Afzal hookah of the following flavors:

  • Pan Raas - a sweet, but fresh mix based on menthol and sandalwood, which is the hallmark of this Indian producer;
  • Orange - a citrus aroma with a saturated acidity, practically does not give off “chemicality” and is very soft while smoking;
  • Gingerelle - a ginger ale aroma that lovers of sweet aromas and rich malleable will highly appreciate flavors;
  • Ecstasy - cherry orange liqueur refreshing mix that Otley but refreshing in the summer heat;
  • Watermelon - Classic watermelon, which is ideal for creating original mixes;
  • The Bombay the Pan Masala - another unique taste from the Indian manufacturer, which combines sweet the aroma of spices, refreshing spices and at the same time - it notes the notes of herbs that are specially selected for the best combination with the rest of the mix ingredients. 

These and other mixes have established themselves on the Ukrainian market. Experienced hookah workers are happy to choose products from Afzal and more and more often these tobaccos can be found in popular hookah bars. 

Today, Afzal tobacco can be bought in Ukraine at a low price in the Tobacco online store. There are many different hookah tobaccos at the most attractive prices on the market.