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Tobacco for a hookah Kiev - types, variety and features 

Smoking a hookah has become a tradition and has become entrenched in Ukraine relatively recently. Fifteen years ago, it was quite difficult to buy tobacco for hookah, as it was transported specially from Arab or European countries to order.


Today, there are no special problems with the choice of tobacco in our country, and gas station Hookah is sold in almost every large shopping center, supermarket or on the Internet. However, over the past few years there have been so many products from different brands that an inexperienced or novice hookah worker, having seen different tobacco for a hookah, may make the wrong choice by buying absolutely not what he wanted. Therefore, a brief classification of the types of tobacco is presented below, as well as a number of facts about various tobacco blends.

Types of tobacco raw materials

Today, to buy tobacco for hookah in 95 percent of cases is to purchase a classic moissile, or a mixture of tobacco with sugar syrup. Moissille got its name from the Arabic name for honey, which was originally used instead of molasses, but later on, such expensive and impractical raw materials were replaced with syrup, and the name remained. 

Tobacco for hookah from different brands have one leaf tobacco of four varieties: 

  • Virginia; 
  • Burley;
  • Oriental;
  • Maryland.

Virginia - ease of taste

Four fifths of all mixtures consist of the first variety - Golden Virginia. This hookah tobacco is not too strong, has a pleasant aroma, and also boasts a fairly high heat resistance. Most well-known brands such as Starbuzz, Fumari, AlFakher and other manufacturers of light tobacco use it as a raw material.

Virginia is also called smoke-drying a key feature. Due to this, hookah tobacco dries much faster and does not lose sugar from its composition. Mostly Virginia is cut medium, without leaving large leaves, so that the tobacco is as heat-resistant as possible.

Burley - strength and saturation


Burley is the second most popular type of raw material. Almost any tobacco for a hookah mixed with Burley boasts a high strength, as well as a rich taste. Due to the structural features of Burley's tobacco leaf itself, it absorbs impregnation several times better than Virginia. Also, such mixtures will be more astringent compared to traditional Virginia. 
Burley leaf dries naturally, in the air. This allows the tobacco to be saturated with aroma, however, at the same time, it loses part of its heat resistance, so when driving tobacco containing Burley leaves, it is necessary to ensure that the coals do not burn the mixture. 
Today you can buy tobacco for Tangiers hookah, which is prepared on the basis of Burley leaves. It is mainly preferred by experienced hookah workers who appreciate the strength and saturation of the smoke with the aroma.

Oriental is an oriental classic


The lowest nicotine content is considered to be a feature of Oriental. Also, mixtures based on this raw material are soft and light. 
Oriental as the basis for the mixture is typical for Egyptian or Turkish production, since this type of tobacco grows in these two countries. The most famous brand that uses this variety is Nakhla, so you can buy hookah tobacco with Oriental leaf as a base right now on our website. 

Maryland - simplicity and versatility

Today, to buy tobacco for a hookah in the city of Kiev from the leaves of Maryland is quite problematic. Basically, this raw material is used as an additive to existing mixes, as well as to create original flavors. This leaf does not have a pronounced taste, but is considered quite light, compared with Burley. At the same time, it also absorbs impregnation well, saturated with aroma and giving it 100% during smoking. 

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