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Tobacco for hookah in Zhitomir

Hookah tobacco of original quality from well-known manufacturers allows you to get the most out of smoking. These products use the finest ingredients that are rigorously tested to ensure they meet standards. Cooperating with the best manufacturers, the online store offers to buy hookah tobacco in Zhytomyr only of premium quality and at affordable prices. 

Choosing tobacco for hookah in Zhitomir 

When choosing a hookah tobacco, they are guided by several key parameters. The most important of these are strength and taste. In our online store you can order light, medium and high strength dressings. 

Lightweight hookah tobacco is mainly made from Virginia Golden leaf tobacco. This product has a low resin content. Its nicotine content is in the range of 0.05%. To obtain such characteristics, the initial raw materials at the preparatory stage are washed or processed with steam, smoke drying. In the process, some of the constituent components are washed out from the composition. 

An easy hookah refill is considered the best choice for beginners. This mixture is smoked gently and without the feeling of trothit. It does not irritate the mucous membranes and does not lead to coughing. When smoking such mixtures, the taste of syrup is more felt in which the cut leaf is soaked. 

Medium-strength hookah tobacco is made from special varieties of Virginia, grown mainly in the Middle East. The brands specializing in the production of such products include, for example, Jibiar, Serbetli. This product feels better when smoked, has a more tobacco flavor. Due to the presence of natural honey or molasses in the composition, smoke does not cause irritation when inhaled. 

Strong hookah tobacco is mostly unwashed Virginia, Burleigh or their blend. The product contains up to 4.5% nicotine. When smoking, a puff is well felt, trothitis is present. The peculiarity of the raw materials used makes the product itself quite "tobacco" when inhaled. The astringency and bitterness of the leaf are felt. 

Hookah tobacco in Zhytomyr: choice to taste 

In addition to strength, taste is also important when choosing a hookah. In order to provide every customer with a decent and suitable product, our online store offers thousands of hookah gas stations with preferred flavors: 

  • Monovkus fruit;
  • Monovaste berry;
  • Fresh menthol, mint, chill (ice);
  • The drinks;
  • Bakery products;
  • Original mix combinations of fruits, berries, desserts, exotic plants, vegetables, flowers and others. 

In premium hookah dressings, only natural flavors are added to the syrup. This minimizes the feeling of chymosis when smoking. 

Buy hookah tobacco in Zhitomir 

The online store "" sells hookah tobacco with delivery to Zhytomyr. We have a large assortment of original branded products. We have the best price for hookah refueling. Promotions, sales and discounts are held regularly. With us you also get the following benefits: 

  • Quality product guarantee;
  • Simple choice, ease of ordering on the website and by phone;
  • Convenient filter system;
  • The ability to buy in bulk;
  • Delivery to Zhitomir by courier to the address;
  • Consulting on product selection. 

Our online store does everything to ensure that you receive exceptionally high-quality goods at an affordable cost, as well as positive impressions from cooperation with us.