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Tobacco for hookah in Berdyansk

The original hookah tobacco allows you to feel the "full" taste while smoking. Branded products that meet standards are the key to unprincipled quality and increased security against counterfeiting. The Tabakka online store recommends original production of hookah tobacco in Berdyansk to all lovers. A large assortment allows you to choose a dressing for any preference and taste.

Hookah tobacco of the required strength

When choosing tobacco for a hookah, one of the main criteria is its strength. The content of nicotine and tar in the composition of the product depends on the type of leaf used, as well as on the method of its subsequent processing.

Many brands position their hookah dressings as light and dark. The light varieties are based on Virginia. It is a golden tobacco leaf with a medium strength. To obtain a less pronounced strength, this raw material is suitable for the washing stage at the preparatory stage.

Low-strength tobaccos are also made of washed leaves of the Virginia Golden or Oriental varieties. The nicotine content of the first can reach 3%, the second - 2%. Raw materials are grown on plantations in France, Turkey, Jordan, Germany. At the same time, products based on this variety are produced all over the world. The lungs include:

  • American Fumari;
  • Turkish Serbetli;
  • Al Fakher from the United Arab Emirates;
  • Adalya from Turkey;
  • Russian Daily Hookah.

Light hookah refills from our catalog from these and other brands are available for order with delivery to Berdyansk.

The Virginia variety is also used to produce hookah tobacco with an average nicotine content. To make it, tobacco sheets are poorly washed or not washed at all. This preserves the original properties, including the original taste and nicotine content. Popular manufacturers of such hookah tobacco include:

  • DarkSide Soft;
  • Nakhla;
  • Spectrum;
  • Tangiers (Tangiers).

Burley leaves have a high nicotine content. Its main suppliers are Jordan and the United States. This tobacco contains about 3-4% nicotine, has a dark color, and also has a characteristic tobacco flavor during the smoking process. Strong hookah dressings include products of such brands as:

  • Nirvana;
  • Starbuzz Vintage;
  • Tangiers (Noir line).

Hookah tobacco in Berdyansk for every taste

The second criterion in importance when choosing a hookah dressing is taste. Most manufacturers offer lines with dozens of different flavors to please the consumer. There are also brands with hundreds of flavors. Popular of these is the hookah tobacco Adalya, Jibiar (Djibiar).

Conventionally, tastes can be divided into mix and mono. In the first case, the hookah dressing, due to its multicomponent composition, is almost ideally ready for solo smoking. Monovastes are suitable for lovers of certain expressive aromas, as well as for everyone who prefers to make original author's mixes.

Buy hookah tobacco in Berdyansk

Online store "Tabakka" offers the best hookah tobacco with delivery to Berdyansk. We have the best price for all items from the catalog. The presence of a large stock and direct deliveries make it possible for you to order in bulk any number of hookah gas stations.

When ordering during business hours, we will ship the order on the same day. Our online store will do everything to ensure that you receive the best products with a quality guarantee, in the shortest possible time.