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Tobacco for hookah in Uzhgorod

We offer to order hookah tobacco in Uzhgorod on The online catalog contains collections of the leading brands of the world tobacco market. Collections Adalya, Al fakher, Darkside, Fumari, Nakhla and others are created to give hookah pleasure. Hundreds of popular mono flavors will help you create your own experiments. Ready-made aromatic compositions are ready to surprise and conquer the taste buds. 

Take a look at the catalog, there is a wide abundance for you. Each hookah dressing is a selection of raw materials, uncompromising quality of ingredients and guaranteed freshness. Careful storage and prompt delivery to Uzhgorod and the Transcarpathian region will leave a pleasant shopping experience with us. 

Hookah tobacco: how does the composition of raw materials affect the quality of the session?

Besides taste, there are a number of other criteria that hookah tobacco meets. The quality of the session depends on the composition of the raw materials. In particular, its duration. 

The duration of the session is not only the time during which you can smoke hookah tobacco. It is also a taste that persists or deteriorates during the session. Two factors are decisive here: the juice content and the type of leaf. 

Hookah tobacco: why impregnation?

Any hookah tobacco contains several liquid ingredients including glycerin and flavors. During hookah smoking, the tobacco leaves themselves are not burned. Clouds and aroma are the result of heating liquid ingredients and turning them into steam (smoke if you like). 

With this knowledge, you will surely begin to appreciate the importance of juicing your bowl when preparing a hookah session at home. A simple rule of thumb: if your hookah has more juice, the session will last longer. This is due to the high content of the main ingredients that produce the cloud and aroma. Hence the formula: a juicy hookah session means more taste and a longer session. 

And the opposite effect is given by drier tobacco (for example, Nakhla). This one contains less aromatic juice in the mixture. This means that the session will last less time, and the smoke clouds will be smaller. 

But there is also a downside. If the liquid is excessive, which happens when impregnation or glycerin is added to the finished mixture on its own, it can boil when heated. This will lead to a harsh or unpleasant taste in your hookah.

Leaf type and type of hookah tobacco

We offer to buy several types of hookah tobacco in Uzhgorod. But first, it is important to determine the type of raw material on which it is prepared. There are two main ones: 

  • Light coloured. Light-leaf tobacco is produced by manufacturers such as Starbuzz, Social Smoke and others. This product has a low level of nicotine. Depending on the brand under which the hookah dressing is released, most likely the cutting of the sheet will be large or medium-sized. For a long, fragrant and long session, such tobacco should be laid in a loose bulk.
  • Dark. The dark leaf is the choice of advanced hookah lovers. Such hookah tobacco is well impregnated with flavoring, but leaves a tobacco aftertaste in the process of smoking. Its slicing is usually several times smaller than that of a light one. Therefore, the perception of temperature is more sensitive here. Accordingly, another one is used - more dense. 

Where to buy hookah tobacco in Uzhgorod

With the advent of Tabakka, an online store selling hookah tobacco, you no longer need to think about where to buy a hookah gas station in Uzhgorod. Now everything you need for a pleasant session can be found with us. 

Affordable prices for mixtures, a large selection of manufacturers, a wide range of flavors will make your choice fascinating. To get acquainted with new products, pay attention to the washers of 50 grams. This volume is sufficient for several sessions or mixes. 

Prompt delivery to Uzhgorod, across the Transcarpathian region will not make you expect a pleasant purchase for a long time.