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Tobacco for hookah in Ternopil

Hookah tobacco in Ternopil can now be bought in a specialized online store Tabakka. We invite you to take a look at our catalog. On its web pages there are collections of the leading representatives of the world tobacco market. The products of companies that offer selected raw materials, original flavor compositions, licensed products are now available to everyone in the city of Ternopil and in the region. To order a hookah refueling from us, make a one-click choice and simply place a purchase in the consumer basket. 

Hookah tobacco on a light leaf

Hookah tobacco on a light leaf is one of the most popular. This is because the audience of its potential consumers is very wide. And it is constantly expanding due to newcomers to hookah rest. 

Light sheet - it is washed. Such raw materials are preliminary cleaned from foreign impurities. In its process, the lion's share of the nicotine content is also washed out of the leaf. Such hookah tobacco has a low strength and does not inflict a "nicotine blow" on the throat of those who do not have a tolerance for this substance. 

Hookah tobacco on a light sheet is produced under brands such as: 

  • Al Fakher;
  • Adalya;
  • Serbetli;
  • Fumari;
  • Social Smoke. 

If you are organizing a hookah session at home, it is important to hammer light hookah tobacco correctly. When clogging such a dressing, you must be sure that the tobacco is simply poured into the bowl. It is important not to tamp it tightly. For full enjoyment of taste and other properties, you need it to be "fluffy". Enough space between the leaves is needed to allow air to pass through the layers and allow the raw material to fully cook. 

Hookah tobacco on a dark leaf in Ternopil

Hookah tobacco on a dark sheet has several differences from a light one. The first and most obvious is the color of the filling. Instead of a lighter, golden color, the hookah dressing is visually much darker. 

The next difference is slicing. Here the fragments will be smaller. Along with the specific type of tobacco leaf, the finely cut tobacco makes it more sensitive to heat. 

Accordingly, a different method of hammering the hookah bowl is used here. To enjoy this type of hookah tobacco you need to hammer it tightly into the bowl. The tight padding will help regulate the heat so that this more sensitive tobacco does not burn. Among the popular brands that produce hookah tobacco on dark raw materials include: 

  • Must Have;
  • Darkside;
  • Tangiers;
  • Starbuzz. 

In addition to strong tobaccos, there are very strong ones on a dark leaf. They are based on dark brown or even black tobacco leaf. An example of such tobacco is the Buta trademark. The nicotine content in such products can range from 3-4%. This nuance should be considered when choosing hookah tobacco. 

Hookah dressing in Ternopil

Whatever strength, composition, aroma and taste you need for a hookah dressing, in Ternopil we offer to buy it from us. The Tabakka online store is a specialized online platform for the sale of tobacco, coal, hookah accessories. We have everything to make your session enjoyable. 

We sell products at retail. You can also order wholesale hookah tobacco. Wholesale prices for hookah mixes will be even cheaper. Delivery is carried out in Ternopil and in the region by a reliable transport service.