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Tobacco for hookah in Sumy

We offer to buy hookah tobacco in Sumy in a specialized online store selling goods for hookah sessions Tabakka. We carry out retail trade, we also offer to order the necessary goods in small and large wholesale. As one of the largest distributors of the Ukrainian tobacco market, the price for hookah refills is always acceptable with us. Fast delivery of tobacco and accessories is carried out in Sumy and in the region. Buying from us, you do not have to wait long for a pleasant purchase. 

We offer branded hookah tobacco in Sumy

Now you don't need to visit dozens of shops looking for the right hookah products. On

presents a comprehensive range of products for hookah sessions. A wide selection is presented in the category of hookah tobaccos. We bring to your attention collections of leading manufacturers, leaders of the tobacco market segment in their countries. Among them: 

  • German-Turkish Adalya tobacco;
  • Egyptian gas stations Nakhla;
  • American brands Nirvana, Tangiers, Starbuzz,
  • Russian Darkside;
  • Indian Afzal;
  • Al Fakher, made in the UAE;
  • Jordanian brands Oriental Buta, Sultan;
  • German gas stations Asti and many others. 

Each hookah dressing is a carefully calibrated composition formula that optimally combines the natural characteristics of raw tobacco with impregnations and flavors. This is how the perfection of the mixture and the pleasure of the hookah session are achieved.

Hookah tobacco of any strength

Take a look at the Tabakka store catalog, there is a convenient filter here. With its help, you can choose the desired strength hookah tobacco literally in no time. The strength of tobacco is an important criterion that ensures satisfaction from nicotine consumption. It can be different, its percentage depends on the type of sheet used for the base of the hookah mix. 

In our store you can buy hookah tobacco in Sumy in 4 main strength categories: 

  • Light. With a nicotine content ranging from 0.6% to 1%;
  • Medium. Nicotine content ranges from 1% to 2%;
  • Strong. Nicotine inclusion percentage in the range of 2% to 3%;
  • Extra Strong. High nicotine content ranging from 3% to 4%. 

Hookah tobacco, prepared with a base on a light leaf, has a low strength. Such dressings are chosen by beginners and those who have no experience of using nicotine-containing products. If you have a nicotine perception, you will surely enjoy medium to high strength hookah dressing. 

Choose hookah tobacco for every taste

On hookah tobacco in Sumy can be found for every taste. To make the right choice, identify the main taste points. For your first experience, choose the flavor you like in cooking. For example, your favorite fruit or berry, drink or dessert. 

Lovers of refreshing flavors will find interesting mint compositions. We offer hundreds of original combinations with chilling menthol. 

The abundance of mono-flavors allows you to show your own view of the mix. Prepare author's combinations in various proportions. The search for your own unique result will surely be crowned with success, because we have plenty to choose from! 

Buying hookah tobacco at Tabakka is profitable

Anyone can buy hookah tobacco in the Tabakka online store. It is profitable to shop with us, make sure from personal experience. Why? It's simple: 

  • Tabakka is one of the largest specialized online stores. We have everything and a little more. We monitor the balances and regularly update the stock.
  • Being aware of new trends is our job and lifestyle. We always have new items in the hookah market on time.
  • Affordable price for hookah tobacco is a nice argument in favor of buying from us, isn't it?
  • Always fresh hookah mixes are promptly and carefully delivered to Sumy and around the region.