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Tobacco for hookah in Slavyansk

The best hookah tobacco in Slavyansk is presented on the pages of the Tabakka online catalog. Here you can find everything you need to organize a hookah session at home. Hookah refills from the leading brands of the tobacco market, hookah coals, accessories - for all products the price will please you with availability. Delivery of hookah tobacco is carried out to Slavyansk by a reliable transport service. Courier services are available. 

Varietal tobacco for hookah in Slavyansk

On the pages of, collections from dozens of leading brands of the tobacco market are presented. Each line is the quality of raw tobacco, natural flavors, special impregnations. Only the best collections are worthy of being presented to your attention. Therefore, when buying hookah tobacco from us, your choice will certainly be successful. 

All hookah tobaccos can be roughly divided into two broad categories: 

  • Cooked on a light tobacco leaf;
  • Unwashed tobacco leaves as a base. 

The first category includes hookah tobaccos with a Virginia leaf base. Depending on the processing technology, Virginia leaf has variations. But it remains washed, light tobacco, which is characterized by a low nicotine content. 

The second category includes hookah dressings cooked on Burley, Oriental sheet. It is a popular raw material for the production of strong hookah mixes. It features minimal processing, in which the natural nicotine content remains high. 

Another tobacco variety is Latakia. It is a Syrian product known for its natural spice properties. In the process of smoking, leaves a noticeable aroma of a smoldering fire, smoke, wood. In view of the military events in Syria, it is difficult to find such a product today. 

Hookah tobacco cutting and smoking features

Each type of tobacco has its own unique properties. They influence the peculiarities of the production of mixes and their hookah smoking. 

Due to the cutting of raw tobacco and the packaging method typical for mixtures with light leaves, dressings made from them usually do not last as long as counterparts on an unwashed sheet. In addition, shisha tobacco on a light leaf is usually more resistant to heat than mixtures of dark leaves, so smoking occurs at a higher temperature in the bowl. This is great for breathing out thick clouds, but the more heat you put on the bowl, the less time the session can continue with its original properties. 

Dark leaf blends such as Tangiers can last much longer. Due to the finer cutting of the tobacco and the packaging method, you fill the bowl with quite a lot of dressing and leave fewer pockets for air flow. The more hookah you put in the bowl, the more opportunities you will have for a long session. 

Another key factor in hookah tobacco on dark leaf is its sensitivity to heat. It all depends on your smoking habits, however most dark leaf lovers use less heat output in their bowls due to the use of less coal. 

The low heat output of dark leaf tobacco is partly responsible for its durability. After all, if you cook tobacco at a lower temperature, it won't melt too quickly. The moderate temperature allows the juice and flavor to escape from the tobacco blend for a longer time, allowing your session to last longer. Consider these nuances when choosing hookah tobaccos. 

We offer hookah tobacco in Slavyansk

We offer to buy hookah tobacco wholesale or retail in Slavyansk on We have an affordable price for always fresh dressings, which are stored in full compliance with the rules and requirements. Buy hookah mixes from us cheap. Become a regular customer, apply for a discount or look at the section of the catalog with promotional offers.