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Tobacco for hookah in Severodonetsk

We offer to buy hookah tobacco in Severodonetsk in a specialized online store Tabakka. Hookah dressings are our main direction, but not the only one. Also in the assortment there is a rich selection of coals and accessories for a hookah inexpensive. 

Hookah tobacco for every taste in Severodonetsk

The wide offer of hookah tobaccos is a pleasure for an experienced smoky lover and, at times, even a task for a beginner. It can be difficult for novice hookah lovers to find out what kind of hookah dressing is suitable for the first acquaintance. To make a good choice, you should pay attention to a number of indicators. Among the main ones: 

  • Strength of hookah tobacco and nicotine content;
  • Heat resistance of ready-made hookah mix;
  • Taste profile of flavored hookah tobacco. 

For your purchase to meet expectations, we recommend choosing hookah tobacco based on these factors. In Severodonetsk, we suggest making a successful purchase from us. 

Hookah tobacco strength

What you need to start your choice with is the strength of hookah tobacco. If you are not intolerant to nicotine, give preference to light dressings. Cooked on a washed sheet, they contain a minimal amount of nicotine. Such products are produced under the brands: Tabak 420, Adalya, Al Fakher, Asti, Balli and others. 

For those who have experience in the use of products with nicotine content, there are medium and high strength hookah tobaccos. Often these blends are based on unwashed tobacco leaf. In such raw materials, a higher content of nicotine remains. Accordingly, the filling for the hookah will have a higher strength. Such products are presented in lines from Balli, Daily Hookah Element, Fasil, Darkside, Tangiers and others. 

Heat resistance

An important criterion related to the length of your hookah session. And for experienced hookah smokers, perhaps the most important factor. Of course, if you prefer private sessions, when you can retire and read an interesting book, plunge into thought, high heat resistance is not the key point. A session of 30 minutes may be enough to get enough of your smoky leisure time. 

Those who organize hookah parties with friends at home have completely different expectations. And also those who run the hookah bar. After all, the guest's satisfaction will depend on the duration of the session, its bright taste throughout the entire time, aroma. This means that you have a reputation as a hookah man or your establishment. In this priority, it is worth choosing hookah tobacco with high heat resistance. These are products from Fumari, Jibiar and more. 

Hookah tobacco taste

A very variable and extremely subjective characteristic of any hookah tobacco is its taste. Here, each user will have personal taste preferences as a priority. Therefore, in the Tabakka online store, there are assorted hookah dressings. Our collection includes over 1000 flavoring compositions so that every regular customer, potential buyer can make a pleasant purchase. 

For those who choose hookah tobacco for the first time, we recommend focusing on taste preferences in food. If you like citrus fruits, pay attention to such mixes as: Citrus Tea, Tropical Punch and others. Dessert lovers will love dressings like Blueberry Muffin. There is a wide selection of tobaccos with flavors of drinks, mint accents, menthol, berries.

On you can buy hookah tobacco wholesale and retail. Affordable prices for packages of different weights, convenient payment methods, prompt delivery to Severodonetsk and across the Luhansk region will leave a pleasant shopping experience with us.