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Tobacco for hookah in Rivne

We offer to buy hookah tobacco in Rivne on on the online catalog pages, everyone will find the necessary hookah products. We offer products exclusively from reliable manufacturers. Companies that compete for recognition in the global tobacco market and offer a product that meets the high expectations of hookah lovers. Take a look in the catalog, here you will find hookah dressings and more ... 

The best hookah tobacco in Rivne

We are specialized in retail gas stations. We offer to buy hookah tobacco with a wide variety of tastes. There are dozens of directions in our collection, the profile of which can surprise you. Classic mono-flavors like apple or cherry, vanilla or mint are something that no smoky holiday lover's collection can do without. 

Fans of multi-component flavors will be able to choose our hookah tobacco in the form of ready-made mixes. We bring to your attention the author's combinations, unique formulas and interesting compounds. Among the popular examples: 

  • Serbetli Watermelon Melon;
  • Tangiers Noir Orange Soda;
  • Fumari White Gummi Bear;
  • Jibiar Turkish Mastic;
  • Must Have Apple Drops and many others. 

It is easy to choose tobacco for hookah taking into account the nicotine content. Buy a gas station that will fully satisfy the expectations of those who have a tolerance for it. Choose a light hookah mix for beginners. 

Only natural coals for hookah in Rivne

In order for the hookah tobacco of your choice to unfold fully, to ensure the duration, smokiness, taste and aroma of a smoky rest, it is important to properly regulate the temperature. And at this stage, the choice of the correct charcoal for the hookah becomes relevant. After all, the heat generated by your coal is the variable that will either improve your session or spoil it. 

The Tabakka online store offers natural charcoal for hookah. Anyone can order coal of the required size and weight of the package from us. But what does the market offer? There are such coals on the market as: 

  • Fast ignition coal. Products of this type contain an accelerator that allows the charcoal to be ignited with a conventional lighter. It ignites quickly, but also quickly turns to ash. Accordingly, the bowl with the contents of 1 portion of coal will heat up for less time.
  • Natural coal. In Tabakka store, a product of natural origin is presented based on coconut raw materials. Made from crushed shells, it takes longer to fully ignite. But it turns into ash more slowly, it takes longer to heat up the tobacco in the bowl. 

It is obvious that the type of coal, in addition to the heat resistance of the hookah tobacco itself, also affects the duration of the hookah session. If you put in quick-fire charcoal, the clouds are likely to be lush for a short time. The aroma will also be intense, but will burn out quickly if cooked too quickly. 

In the case of coconut charcoal, you will need to wait a little for the mixture to heat up enough to release the full flavor and thick clouds. But your session will be longer. 

We offer hookah tobacco and accessories

Tabakka store is a specialized online platform where everyone can buy hookah tobacco in Rivne. Everyone will make their best choice. We sell refills at retail, we also offer to buy hookah mixes in bulk. The affordable price of tobacco allows you to buy more without losing quality. Prompt delivery of tobacco in Rivne and Rivne region is carried out by a reliable transport company.