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Tobacco for hookah in Kremenchug

The hookah smoking process is not complete without the use of a dressing. By hammering good quality hookah tobacco into a bowl, you always get pleasure from taste, smokiness and relaxation. Good mixes must be produced in accordance with European standards. For this, first-class raw materials, modern technologies and sheet processing methods are used. To buy hookah tobacco from leading brands in Kremenchug offers the online store "". 

Assortment of gas stations for hookah in Kremenchug 

Any hookah dressing consists of tobacco leaf and syrup. The leaf should have a nicotine content of not more than 4.5%. Varieties such as Virginia and Burley are ideal for this. 

Virginia-based tobacco is considered to be lighter and softer when smoked. It is also highly heat resistant and smoky. In the production process, tobacco is selected by removing defective parts and veins. Then the sheets are washed and cut into thin strips. 

Tobacco cutting can be small, medium and large. Fine threading makes driving easier. It allows you to prepare mixes from different tastes without any problems. In addition, fine cut tobacco from Virginia has a higher heat resistance. It is not afraid of overheating and is better suited for overpacking. 

We have different brands of non-strong hookah tobacco, including: 

  1. Adalya;
  2. Al fakher;
  3. Fasil;
  4. Jibiar;
  5. Serbetli. 

Hookah tobacco 4.20 and Glitch are also available. These are Ukrainian hookah gas stations, the price of which is affordable with high quality products. 

Medium-strength and strong tobaccos are produced from a mixture of tobacco leaf varieties. Burleigh is fundamental. Different types of Virginia and Oriental are added to it in proportion. Blends not only endow the mixture with the desired strength, but also improve the taste and aroma. 

Some manufacturers use pure Burleys in the production of medium-strong and strong hookah dressings, for example, Must Have, Tangiers. Such mixtures have expressive tobacco. Their taste is quite rich and tart. 

Choice of hookah dressing to taste 

The taste of hookah dressing depends on the aromatic additives used in the raw material. Premium tobaccos are prepared using only natural flavors. The higher their quality, the less chemical smoke flavor will be. Basically, manufacturers are focused on the production of two lines of hookah tobacco - with mono tastes and mixes. 

Hookah tobacco with mono taste has the same aroma of fruits, berries, drinks, desserts, flowers, plants. They can be used for solo shots, but they are often used for mixing. By mixing different flavors, you can get an original and unique recipe. 

Mixed series hookah tobacco is a combination of various flavors, selected by the factory's specialists. These refills are designed for easy driving and smoking. Nevertheless, some hookahs add additional flavors to their mixes to get the best effect. 

Buy tobacco for hookah in Kremenchug wholesale and retail 

The online store "" sells original hookah tobacco with delivery to Kremenchuk. We have an affordable price and a wide range of products. The number of flavoring solutions for parks is several thousand. These are dozens of brands and hundreds of product lines. 

Choosing our online store in Kremenchug, you get the following benefits: 

  • A large selection of hookah gas stations;
  • Simple ordering;
  • The ability to purchase wholesale and retail;
  • Product selection consultations;
  • Fast processing of applications;
  • Affordable price and different payment methods;
  • Delivery to Kremenchug to the post office and to the address.