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Hookah tobacco in Lutsk

We suggest choosing tobacco for hookah in Lutsk on the pages of the Tabakka online store. This is a specialized online platform for the sale of hookah gas stations wholesale and retail. We have collected tobacco manufacturers with a good reputation. Most of the brands from our catalog are companies that present their products on the global tobacco market. Anyone can join the hookah culture, order flawless quality hookah tobacco from us. Hookah mixes are delivered to Lutsk and throughout the Volyn region.

How to Light Your Best Hookah Tobacco?

Below is a quick guide for beginners. From it you will learn how to choose hookah tobacco and what you need to know to make the session successful. And the first thing worth paying attention to (subject to the availability of an apparatus and coals) is how to choose tobacco for a hookah in Lutsk.

Always start the process of choosing hookah tobacco by determining the desired strength. It happens:

  • Low - up to 1% nicotine content;
  • Medium - up to 2% nicotine content;
  • High - up to 3% nicotine content;
  • Black tobacco or extra strong dressings with up to 4% nicotine content.

If you are preparing for your first session and do not have a nicotine tolerance, opt for products with a light leaf base. Prepared on a Virginia varietal leaf, the formulations contain a low percentage of nicotine. Most of it is washed out during the cleaning process. We suggest looking for light-leaf hookah tobacco in Lutsk among the collections of Al Fakher, Adalya, Serbetli and others.

If you are planning to smoke hookah tobacco for the first time and already have a nicotine perception, pay attention to medium strength dressings. These can be found among the lines of Starbuzz, Fumari, Nakhla.

Strong hookah tobacco gives the feeling of being saturated with nicotine. Such a product is represented by a wide range of the following brands: Must Have, Darkside, Tangiers. It is chosen by hookah lovers with a high tolerance to nicotine. A beginner should refuse to sample such a product for the first time.

How to open hookah tobacco correctly?

To make the hookah tobacco fully open and provide pleasure from the session, check out these simple nuances:

  • Check for air currents on the foil. An important process for making foil is punching holes. Too little will cause the bowl to overheat. A large number of evenly spaced holes will give an optimal inhalation without scalding. But an excessive amount can make it difficult to warm up the hookah tobacco sufficiently. Therefore, remember the golden mean.
  • Water in the base. The liquid in the base is the basis of any session, and pure water is the key to unleashing the scent without extraneous impurities. But how much water does it take to get the perfect hookah tobacco smoke? It's simple: regardless of the size of the flask, the water should be 3-5 cm above the lower end.
  • Driving. Too much tamping the hookah tobacco into traditional bowls will make it extremely difficult for air to pass through. Therefore, we recommend laying tobacco in bulk.

These and many other nuances will become obvious to you with each subsequent session. If you have any questions, we will provide advice on the indicated numbers.

Sale of hookah tobacco in Lutsk

Take a look at the catalog of the Tabakka online store. Here you will find a wide selection of hookah tobacco, coals and accessories for a comfortable session. On we offer to place an order for everyone. We carry out retail trade, we offer to order wholesale hookah dressing. Affordable price, loyalty programs, real reviews from our customers - what helps to make a successful purchase.