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Tobacco for hookah in Lisichansk

Premium hookah tobacco allows you to get maximum pleasure from the smoking process. Such products must comply with European standards. To do this, manufacturers use only high-quality and safe raw materials in the preparation of dressings. We offer to buy tobacco for hookah in Lisichansk inexpensively in the online store. We have exclusively original and high quality products. 

Assortment of hookah tobacco in Lisichansk from 

The choice of hookah tobacco is based on individual taste preferences, as well as on the technical parameters of the leaf, such as strength, heat resistance or smokiness. In our online store, there is an assortment of hookah tobacco for any user. You can buy gas stations with thousands of flavors from dozens of different brands. In stock: 

  • Mono and Mixed Flavors;
  • Dressings with the taste of berries, fruits, drinks;
  • Refreshing mixtures;
  • Hookah tobacco with dessert flavors;
  • Floral and other original tastes. 

Lines of mix and mono flavors are present in almost all major manufacturers of hookah dressings. Our site contains the most recognizable brands and factories that have just started producing hookah tobacco. We offer the best mixes from labels: 

  • Al fakher;
  • Buta;
  • Element;
  • Fasil;
  • Fumari;
  • Royal;
  • Serbetli;
  • Tangiers;
  • 4.20. 

One of the important criteria for choosing a hookah tobacco is the nicotine content. According to this characteristic, we can buy light, medium-strength and strong tobacco for hookah. 

The percentage of nicotine in light hookah tobacco is about 0.05%. When smoked, it forms a softer smoke. The puff does not irritate the mucous membranes. More aroma and syrup taste is felt. 

Medium and strong hookah dressings are made on the basis of dark varieties of tobacco leaf. This is some kind of Virginia and also the notorious Burleigh. Many manufacturers mix several varieties in the composition. Thus, they improve other qualities of the product, such as aroma and taste, heat resistance. 

Burley-based tobacco is more absorbable. It absorbs aroma components from syrup by about 25% better than Virginia. Due to this, such hookah tobacco is characterized by a longer flavoring. From such products in our online store you can buy, for example, hookah tobacco from the brands Darkside, Must Have, Tangiers.

We also sell heat-resistant hookah tobacco. It is made from sugary Virginia varieties. To improve the effect of heat resistance, the leaf is finely chopped and thoroughly soaked in syrup. Heat-resistant tobacco is indispensable when smoking on 3-4 coals, as well as when filling a bowl using the overpack method. When overheated, it does not lose its taste and does not become bitter. 

Buy tobacco for hookah in Lisichansk wholesale 

The online store "" sells hookah tobacco with delivery to Lisichansk. We have an extensive range of products in stock. The number of flavors of various dressings exceeds two thousand. They all come from over 20 different manufacturers. 

We have an affordable price for hookah tobacco in Lisichansk. We regularly hold promotions. We offer more favorable terms when buying gas stations in bulk. We are also ready to provide a discount to large regular customers. After confirming the purchase, we deliver tobacco in Lisichansk to the address or to the post office.