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Tobacco for hookah in Uman

We offer to buy hookah tobacco in Uman for lovers of long sessions for pleasure. In our store you can find branded gas stations from leading manufacturers. There are lines of brands competing in the global tobacco market. Each hookah dressing on is freshness, quality, aroma and full compliance with expectations. Buy mixes from us and answer the question about how long your hookah session will last. 

What affects the duration of tobacco smoking

While clogging your hookah tobacco there are many different factors that can affect how long your session will last. Among these factors, it is worth highlighting: 

  • Hookah tobacco;
  • The bowl you are using;
  • Personal preference;
  • Heat management. 

Explore all these variables in detail to choose the best hookah tobacco in Uman. And then you will know what impact these factors can have on your session. 

Popular hookah tobacco bowls

Definitely, the size of the hookah bowl affects the duration of the session. But her style also matters. When it comes to popular modern variations, there are three common patterns: 

  • "Egyptian" style;
  • "Vortex";
  • "Phunnel". 

Bowls of the last two types have fewer differences and are considered the most popular. However, it is worth considering each option separately in order to understand how it affects the duration of the session and make your own choice. 

Hookah bowl in "Egyptian" style

Bowls "Egyptian" style are colloquially called "old-school" or made in the old style. These bowls are made from clay in the shape of a bowl. They have several small-diameter holes located at the bottom. 

In them, portions of tobacco are placed over the holes in the bottom. They try not to completely close these holes. While Egyptian-style bowls are considered reliable options, the holes in the bottom can shorten the length of your smoking session. 

Why? It's simple: hookah tobacco contains liquid ingredients like glycerin and flavors. If this succulent tobacco is placed directly over the holes, a lot of the aromatic liquid will drain through the bowl into the hookah and base. Accordingly, there will not be enough of it in the bowl, which means there will be no smoke. This will make your session shorter or less tasty / flavorful than expected. 

Hookah tobacco bowls "Vortex"

The "Vortex" shape is known for having a raised central "spire" with holes on the sides. These holes are located slightly higher in the bowl. Thanks to this arrangement, they are not directly underneath the hookah tobacco. Accordingly, the flavor of the dressing does not drain into the hookah or base. All the delicious aroma stays right in the bowl, allowing you to stay aromatic for longer. 

Duration of a session of hookah tobacco on a Phunnel bowl

Phunnel bowls are very similar to Vortex bowls. The main difference is that in the Phunnel bowl, the raised center spire has one large hole at the very top, rather than several smaller holes on the side. The Phunnel bowls have holes of different sizes that can affect the airflow during the session. Like Vortex, Phunnel bowls allow the hookah flavor to remain in the bowl (rather than drip into the hookah) for a longer and richer session. 

Buy hookah tobacco in Uman

Now you don't have to look for where to buy hookah tobacco in Uman. On a wide assortment of hookah dressings, bowls, coals and other accessories are presented. Take a look at the catalog, here you will definitely find products that will make your session enjoyable. 

There are reasonable prices for hookah dressings in our online store. You can buy inexpensive small packages to sample and explore new flavors. We also offer to order large packages in bulk, the price of which is discounted. 

Delivery of orders is carried out in Uman and throughout the Cherkasy region. Courier services are available.