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Tobacco for hookah in Alexandria

High quality hookah tobacco allows you to get real pleasure from the smoking process. The original raw materials used by the best brands in the production of products significantly reduce the harm from such a way of spending leisure time. Our online store offers a wide selection of hookah dressings in Alexandria that can satisfy the taste of any smoker.

Choosing branded hookah tobacco in Alexandria

The choice of tobacco products should be approached multilaterally, taking into account several criteria at the same time. Hookah dressing must meet the requirements for strength, smokiness, heat resistance. It should taste good and allow for a long smoking session.

The "Tabakka" online store offers exclusively branded products of various strengths. You can buy hookah tobacco in Alexandria from us in bulk from the following manufacturers:

  • Strong - Tangiers, Darkside, Nirvana, Adalya Black;
  • Medium strength - DarkSide Soft, Nakhla;
  • Lungs - Fumari, Al Fakher, Adalya, Serbetli.

We have a favorable price for all hookah refills presented in the catalog. We provide discounts for large wholesale, which you can always ask our managers about.

How to order hookah tobacco in Alexandria

Hookah dressing is made from the main component - tobacco leaf. Many manufacturers make their own. Products from the so-called blend - or a mixture of several varieties of tobacco. Due to the arrangement of taste sensations, the result is an original and unique product that is not similar to others.

Mainly used for the production of hookah tobacco are Burleigh, Virginia and Oriental varieties.

  • Burley Hookah Tobacco - Mainly grown in the United States. It has an expressive tobacco flavor and dark color. It is also characterized by a higher strength. These raw materials are mainly used in the preparation of dressings, mainly by American labels.
  • Virginia tobacco is a light leaf with a golden hue. It is used in the manufacture of a heat-resistant, smoky product of medium and low strength. To reduce the nicotine content, the leaf is washed well.
  • Hookah tobacco from Oriental variety in its qualities is very similar to Virginia. Its main difference is in a more expressive tobacco aroma. In terms of taste, it is average between Burleigh and light Virginia.

Hookah dressings, in which the listed varieties are used both in solo and their blends, are available in our online store. Having chosen the preferred variety, you will only have to choose the optimal tobacco taste based on personal preferences.

Hookah tobacco with delivery to Alexandria

You can always buy hookah tobacco at a low price in Alexandria in the Tabakka online store. We always have the best deals with the ability to purchase any quantity of goods. We offer hookah dressings:

  • different packaging (20, 30, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 grams);
  • any preferred flavors (sweet, sour, neutral, fruity, drinks, desserts, mono, mixes);
  • with high heat resistance for touch driving and overpack;
  • made in Germany, Egypt, USA, Turkey, Jordan and other countries;
  • strength from minimal to steep;
  • with high smokiness.

Absolutely any tobacco from the catalog can be ordered both wholesale and retail. Delivery to Alexandria is carried out on the day of order, which allows you to get a gas station as quickly as possible.