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Tobacco for hookah in Kropyvnytskyi

Hookah tobacco is one of the key components of a smoking session. It is he who gives off the smoke, which can be enjoyed during the smoke. The overall experience of smoking depends on the quality of the raw materials that make up the dressing. Therefore, it is important to choose only original and branded mixtures. We offer to buy such a tobacco for a hookah in Kropyvnytskyi in our online store. 

Quality hookah dressings on 

Hookah dressing is made from tobacco leaf and syrup. The syrup of premium blends contains natural ingredients that meet European quality standards. The main components of the syrup include natural flavors, molasses or honey, glycerin. 

  • Natural flavors permeate the tobacco leaf. This allows you to get fragrant smoke when puffed. The better the impregnation, the longer the smoke will retain its flavor.
  • Molasses and honey are auxiliary ingredients. They add sweetness and softening to the smoke. Due to these ingredients, smoke inhalation is achieved without significant irritation of the mucous membranes.
  • Glycerin is a safe food supplement. It increases the smokiness of the hookah tobacco. 

Hookah tobacco is made from tobacco leaves of Virginia, Oriental, Burley and others. Each variety is distinguished by its taste and aroma, heat resistance and smokiness. Also, the strength of the final product depends on the raw materials used. To improve the listed properties, many manufacturers introduce several different types of tobacco leaf into their dressings. These blends have a unique and original flavor and aroma. 

In our online store you can buy hookah tobacco of different strengths in Kropyvnytskyi. Not strong hookah dressings are made on the basis of golden (Golden) Virginia. The sheet is washed, cut into small strips and boiled in syrup. This dressing is characterized by increased sugar content, due to which it has the property of heat resistance. Light hookah tobacco includes the following brands: 

  • Adalya;
  • Al fakher;
  • Fumari (Fumari);
  • Jibiar;
  • Serbetli. 

Stronger hookah tobacco is made on the basis of certain varieties of Virginia and Burley varieties. Basically, these are dark dressings, which are characterized by high tobacco aroma and flavor. You can buy medium and strong hookah tobacco in Kropyvnytskyi from us, for example, from labels: 

  • Adalya Black;
  • Tangiers Noir;
  • Darkside Core;
  • Darkside Rare. 

Buy tobacco for hookah in Kropyvnytskyi wholesale 

In the online store "" you can buy any quantity of branded and original hookah tobacco with delivery to Kropyvnytskyi. On the site you can order one pack or make an order for wholesale. We have an affordable price for the entire product range. Well-established supplies from factories for the production of hookah tobacco exclude the possibility of counterfeiting. 

Cooperating with us, you get a number of other benefits. Among them: 

  • The widest range of products - hookah tobacco from dozens of brands, hundreds of lines and thousands of tastes;
  • Simple choice on the site, assistance of specialists in choosing and placing an order online and by phone;
  • Prompt processing of applications;
  • The optimal cost of all hookah gas stations, discounts and promotions;
  • Various methods of payment for goods;
  • Delivery to Kropyvnytskyi to the post office or to the address by courier.