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Tobacco for hookah in Kharkov

Hookah tobacco in Kharkov

Hookah smoking is an opportunity to relax and get an unforgettable pleasure. An important component in its preparation is tobacco. The market is filled with smoking mixtures and making the final choice can be difficult not only for a beginner, but also for an experienced hookah maker. A huge assortment of hookah tobacco in Kharkov is presented on the site In the online store you can buy mixes for every taste, wholesale and retail. In order for smoking to be truly enjoyable, you need to take into account some nuances.

Tobacco selection criteria

Not every smoker can immediately find their taste. Sometimes you have to buy hookah tobacco in Kharkov from different manufacturers and try more than one option. Experts recommend initially purchasing more common flavors such as "double apple", "blueberry", "tropical fruits".

When choosing tobacco for hookah in Kharkov, pay attention to its composition. One of the indicators of the quality of the mixture, the absence of resins. This indicates that shisha refueling is safe and not harmful to your health. The strength of tobacco depends on the level of nicotine; it is better to choose an indicator in the range of up to 0.06 percent.

The quality of the mixture depends on the presence of syrup; it should resemble jam or softened plasticine. Dry tobacco quickly burns out and tastes bitter. The composition should be homogeneous, without sticks and other impurities. World manufacturers carefully grind the raw materials, pieces of fruit may come across in the composition (if the flavors are indicated on the package).

Where to buy hookah tobacco in Kharkov?

To organize a smoky party, we offer hookah tobacco to buy in Kharkov on the website Here you will find a huge assortment of flavors from global manufacturers, among which every smoky smoker will find his own version. Our store provides self-pickup and delivery of goods. When placing an order for an amount of 200 hryvnia or more, we will deliver the goods to the area of metro stations for free:

  • Central market;
  • Gagarin;
  • Industrial;
  • Heroes of labor;
  • South Station;
  • Historical Museum;
  • Student;
  • Pushkinskaya;
  • Cold Mountain;
  • University;
  • Scientific.

It is also possible to arrange the delivery of goods to the Odessa region, to Saltovka, Alekseevka.

If you are at a loss in choosing tobacco, please contact our consultants. They will help you understand all the nuances and offer several options that will meet all your requirements. Lovers of experimenting can choose several flavors and delight guests with a homemade steam cocktail.