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Tobacco for hookah in Nikopol

We offer to buy hookah tobacco in Nikopol in the specialized online store Tabakka. We have a large selection of gas stations by manufacturer. The catalog contains over 20 collections from world famous brands. Each trade mark has dozens of flavors, original combinations, multicomponent compositions. You can order light hookah tobaccos from us, mixtures of medium and high strength with delivery to Nikopol and across the Dnipropetrovsk region. 

What liquid is better for smoking hookah tobacco?

Hookah lovers will confirm that one of the most important parts of preparing for smoking hookah tobacco is adding liquid to the base. The task of the liquid is to cool the smoke. This is how you enjoy your pleasant session. Likewise, a lack of fluid can lead to a dry, unpleasant breath with a harsh taste. 

There are several liquid options that are added to the base. Among them: 

  • Water;
  • The juice;
  • Soda;
  • Alcohol. 

Water is considered a traditional base fluid. It has been used since its discovery

smoky rest. However, as the popularity of hookah smoking has grown, other liquid options have emerged. To conclude which of them will better open hookah tobacco, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with each separately. 

Hookah tobacco on water

Water is the most popular liquid for hookah base. It is odorless and tasteless, neutral. It copes with the main task of cooling the smoke. While tasteless, it does not change the taste of the hookah tobacco. It becomes a universal ground for the full disclosure of the accents of the composition. 

Hookah tobacco on juice

If you prefer fruit flavors for hookah tobacco in Nikopol, why not enhance them with the same base? This is exactly what many users thought when adding apple, grapefruit, orange, pineapple and other fruit juices to the flask. Such a framework could be interesting. 

But experience often shows the opposite. Excessive sweetness of the juice can drown out the flavor profile of hookah tobacco. If you feel the opposite is your individual choice. What you can hardly argue with - the juice complicates the care of the flask. Remaining on the walls, fructose is difficult to wash out, so after each session a thorough cleaning is required. 

Sparkling water hookah tobacco

As you light hookah tobacco on soda, get ready to change the taste in favor of sweetness. Like juices, this base contains sugar, which alters the perception. Soda also contains bubbles. To prevent them from provoking unexpected effects, use a simple shake in which some of the gas will be released. To reduce the intensity of the carbonated base, dilute it with water. 

Hookah tobacco on an alcoholic beverage

An alcoholic beverage can change the taste of your hookah tobacco. But also bring some difficulty into your session. First of all, the same sugar found in the drink. The taste and aroma will be present not only during the session, but will also remain on the flask. To smoke hookah tobacco on alcohol or not is the right of everyone's choice. However, we strongly advise against using strong drinks for this. 

Buy hookah tobacco in Nikopol

We offer to buy hookah tobacco in Nikopol online in the Tabakka store. The price of branded gas stations is one of the most pleasant. We sell products at retail, we offer to order wholesale hookah refills. When buying a large batch of tobacco, coal or accessories, we offer discounted prices. Delivery is carried out to Nikopol by transport and courier services.