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Tobacco for hookah in Cherkasy

Do you want to buy hookah tobacco in Cherkasy? Well, you've definitely come to the right place. On you will find the best-selling, most popular tobacco dressings of all times and peoples. 

Choosing the right, right blend is a tricky process due to the many different brands and flavors. But also addicting! After all, a wide assortment allows you to buy hookah tobacco not only of your favorite taste, but also to try something new and interesting. 

Try this hookah tobacco

In those days, when there were only a few flavors on sale, hookah lovers did not have a wide choice. Therefore, many experienced hookah makers started with the simplest - mixes from Nakhla Two Apples. 

Today in the Tabakka online store, hookah dressing is presented with a large selection of flavors. Everyone can find something special for themselves. To make the choice a bit easier for beginners, here's a list of some of the best hookah tobacco compositions of all time: 

  • Blue Mist Starbuzz;
  • Island Papaya Fumari;
  • Ambrosia Fumari;
  • Cane Mint Tangiers;
  • Double Apple Nakhla;
  • Mint Al-Fakher;
  • Queen of Sex Starbuzz;
  • White Gummi Bear Fumari;
  • Lebanese Bomb Starbuzz. 

We sincerely believe that you will like the taste and smokiness of each of them. I would also like to know which gas stations are your favorites. We will be glad to see your recommendations in reviews and comments.

Hookah tobacco for beginners

You can revise dozens of reviews, re-read hundreds of reviews, but there is no doubt that Starbuzz, Fumari and Al-Fakher are considered the best brands for newbies. Hookah tobacco of these brands is good because of its low nicotine content. 

In the process of smoking the products of these brands, the novice user will feel a slight arousal, unlike Thangiers or Nakhla, which produce a stronger product. This means that even with a low nicotine tolerance, you will not feel dizzy. 

If you have experience with cigarette smoking and your nicotine perception is moderate to high, you should look for stronger products. These can be hookah refills from the above mentioned manufacturers Nakhla and Thangiers, Fasil, Darkside and others. Cooked on a dark, not washed sheet, they retain the slight astringency of raw tobacco. At the same time, they also convey the flavor range declared on the package well. 

How much nicotine does hookah tobacco contain?

Depending on the type of tobacco leaf used in the refills, the nicotine percentage is usually 0.05%, 0.3% and 0.5%. Many reviews state that during the smoking process 0.05 g of nicotine is consumed for every 10 g of hookah. 

Thus, Tangiers indicates the nicotine content in their products at the level of 0.3% to 0.5%. This means that for every 20 g (average serving) of Tangiers hookah tobacco, 0.06-0.1 g of nicotine is consumed. And this amount is excessive. 

The consumption of nicotine is completely dependent on heating the hookah mixture. The standard hot coal temperature is over 300 degrees. In this case, nicotine evaporates at a temperature of 247 degrees. 

However, there is no sophisticated technology that can measure the amount of nicotine generated by heat. When it comes to e-liquids or cigars, the consumption is much higher. But in the case of a hookah, definitely not all the nicotine indicated on the package is consumed.

Hookah tobacco in Cherkasy

We offer everyone to buy hookah tobacco in the Tabakka online store. We specialize in the sale of mixtures, coals and accessories. We sell products that will make your session perfect. 

We carry out retail sale of hookah dressings. The product price is not high. It is also possible to buy refills in bulk at discounted prices. Delivery is carried out to Cherkasy and in the region. There is a possibility of courier delivery of tobacco to your home.