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Tobacco for hookah in Vyshgorod

Hookah smoking fans with experience have a clear understanding that the quality of the process directly depends on which hookah tobacco was chosen for this. There are dozens of brands on the market under which these products are manufactured. However, counterfeits can darken the smoking session. If you want to buy original hookah tobacco in Vyshgorod with a guarantee of its quality. We suggest doing this in the online store. 

High-quality hookah tobacco in Vyshgorod 

The products we offer are certified tobaccos from the best distributors. The goods are supplied from manufacturers' factories, which excludes the presence of any fakes in the assortment. Genuine hookah tobacco is premium raw material. These gas stations include: 

  1. Selected tobacco leaves. During the preparation process, they are carefully sorted. Defective sheets, branches, debris and other unnecessary components are removed.
  2. Syrup. It is produced on the basis of natural ingredients that meet European quality standards. All ingredients in the syrup are harmless and not hazardous to the human body. Basically, these are aromas from natural products, sweeteners and softeners such as molasses or honey. Also, glycerin is sometimes included in the syrup. It increases the smokeiness of the mixture when smoked. 

Hookah dressing is made mostly from Virginia tobacco. It is the most popular leaf and has a low nicotine content. To obtain a dressing of low strength, the leaf is washed out or treated with steam. The nicotine content of such a product is about 0.05%. Such hookah tobacco is perfect for beginners. 

Tobacco of the Virginia variety and its varieties is also used to make medium-strength tobacco. At the same time, liquid artificial nicotine should not be added to the composition of such products. But for the production of more tangible on the breath, strong hookah dressings, manufacturers use the Burley variety. Products may contain it partially or completely, as, for example, in the American Tangiers. 

Many manufacturers combine different varieties in the composition to obtain an original taste. These can be blends consisting of 3, 5, 7 varieties of tobacco. Each of them is characterized by its own taste and aroma, the amount of nicotine and sugars in the composition. 

The sugar content of the tobacco leaf affects its heat resistance. The higher the sugar content, the better the tobacco resists overheating. Heat-resistant hookah tobacco is usually produced by Turkish, Jordanian, Egyptian companies, for example, Adalya, Jibiar.

Heat resistant hookah tobacco is easier to use. Such a mixture is not demanding on the way of laying, provides good taste transfer in bowls made of clay, ceramics and even silicone. And you will find a large number of brands of heat-resistant gas stations on our website. 

Buy hookah tobacco in Vyshgorod ("") 

Online store "" offers to buy hookah tobacco in Vyshgorod. We always have: 

  • Huge assortment (more than 20 manufacturers, more than 2000 flavors);
  • The ability to supply in bulk (order large quantities of goods and get discounts);
  • Affordable price for hookah tobacco (we set the optimal cost for all positions);
  • Delivery to Vyshgorod (we send the order to the post office or make courier delivery to the address);
  • Convenient payment methods with a simple checkout on the site. 

By purchasing hookah tobacco in Vyshgorod in the online store, you get comfort, savings and a guarantee of product quality. We are ready to provide online consultations in the chat on the website or by phone during business hours regarding the choice of goods, making purchases and delivery.