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Tobacco for hookah in Obukhov

Do you want to buy hookah tobacco in Obukhov? Then you've come to the right address. On there are a lot of gas stations with different characteristics, accessories for hookah, coal. Every time you buy from our online store, you get freshness, quality, taste and a price that pleases you. Prompt delivery of hookah tobacco to Obukhov, courier services will not make you expect a pleasant purchase for a long time.

Hookah tobacco in Obukhov on

Over the years, the market for hookah tobacco has grown rapidly. Many different tobacco brands, tastes, styles of hookah smoking go on sale every year. And when such abundance seems heavenly to experienced hookah lovers, for beginners it creates some difficulties in choosing.

Before buying hookah tobacco, beginners start to choose from the brand under which the dressing is released. They study the taste, what it can be, how it is revealed. But they release another important point - on what raw material the base is prepared. It can be light or dark leafed.

The light tobacco leaf is undergoing purification technology. In the process, nicotine is washed out of the raw materials, which makes the mixtures lighter. The low strength of hookah tobacco makes the product an optimal choice for beginners of a smoky break. The dark sheet is unwashed, which means that the nicotine content in it is higher than that of the light one. In the process of smoking, such dressings reveal a tobacco flavor. At the same time, they are also impregnated with aromatic substances.

Tangiers Tobacco is a leading brand of dark hookah tobacco

Hookah tobacco on a dark sheet is produced by different brands. One of the market leaders is the Tangiers brand. This manufacturer has had one of the biggest influences on the hookah tobacco market. To this day, the company never ceases to pleasantly surprise its fans.

The secret of the success of the Tangiers brand is simple - the high quality of dark tobacco leaves, from which the base of the mixtures is prepared. The higher content of natural nicotine satisfies the user experience. Sessions with this tobacco are smoky, aromatic. The product is heat resistant, does not burn, but smolders slowly.

The Tangiers collection contains dozens of wonderful flavor compositions. Among the large assortment on, everyone will find a hookah dressing to their taste and interest. If you haven't tried it yet, here are some decent flavors you can mix yourself:

  • Cherry Limeade - Mimon;
  • Blueberry - Papaya Sorbet;
  • Leviathan / Blitzsturm - Jamaica;
  • Lemon Tea - Kashmir Guajava;
  • It's Like That One Breakfast Cereal - Pineapple.

To make smoking Tangiers hookah tobacco pleasant, follow the simple requirements of using an American product. First of all, make sure you have a phunnel bowl. If not, bowls in this style can be ordered online at Tabakka. It is best suited for opening the given tobacco.

To keep your session long, we recommend that you apply some pressure while packing the bowl. For this type of mix, tight packing is used. You shouldn't squeeze the syrup out so as not to spoil the smoke.

Buy hookah tobacco in Obukhov

The Tabakka online store is a specialized platform where everyone can buy hookah tobacco on light and dark sheets. We have a rich assortment of products, the price of which is not higher than the market one. We sell tobaccos and accessories at retail, but also wholesale. The price of gas stations, coals and accessories for large wholesale will be discounted. Delivery to Obukhiv and throughout the Kiev region is carried out by a reliable transport company.