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Tobacco for hookah in Irpen

Hookah smoking has become an integral part of cultural recreation for many. To make it as pleasant as possible and bring pleasure from the taste, it is important to choose the right tobacco. Only high-quality products are able to guarantee the transmission of the true taste conceived by the manufacturer. We offer to buy the original hookah tobacco in Irpen in our online store. We have only branded products in a large assortment.

Assortment of gas stations for hookah in Irpen

The catalog of our online store contains dozens of brands of hookah refills. Direct deliveries guarantee the purchase of exceptionally high quality products. We supply hookah tobacco from factories in Syria, Turkey, Jordan, as well as German, American production. According to your preference, you can choose hookah tobacco in Irpen from world leaders such as:

  • Adalya;
  • Al fakher;
  • Nakhla;
  • Balli;
  • Buta;
  • Fumari (Fumari);
  • Serbetli and many others.

We have Ukrainian-made hookah tobacco Glitch and 4.20. Its price is optimal, while maintaining absolutely high quality in relation to the products of world leaders.

Here you can quickly find and select tobacco according to different parameters. The system of filters on the site allows you to find products by such indicators as:

  • Brands;
  • Country of Origin;
  • Strength;
  • Smoke;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Taste;

Choosing tobacco for hookah in Irpen

Hookah dressing is selected based on several criteria. Strength and taste are important. It depends on them how soft the smoke will be when inhaled and what taste you will feel when smoking.

According to its strength, hookah tobacco can be divided into three groups. These are light dressings, medium to high strength mixtures. The first type is made from washed Virginia Golden and Oriental tobacco leaves. These can be both pure types of tobacco and their blends. The finished product contains no more than 0.05% nicotine, which makes the smoking process mild.

For the manufacture of medium and high strength hookah dressings, some other varieties of Virginia are used, as well as the well-known Burley. There is no washing or steaming step in the manufacturing process, which allows you to preserve the true flavor of tobacco.

Burleigh hookah tobacco has a dark shade. Its characteristic feature is its higher strength with noticeable trothite on inhalation. Also, this tobacco has a more expressive flavor and aroma.

Buy hookah tobacco in Irpen wholesale and retail

The online store "" sells hookah tobacco delivery to Irpen. We sell products wholesale and retail. In the presence of dressings of different packaging, weighing from 20 grams to 1 kg. If necessary, you can make a bulk order or purchase from one package of any product.

Choosing our online store, you give preference to unprincipled quality and service. Our advantages include:

  • Brand products;
  • Affordable price for hookah tobacco;
  • An assortment of gas stations from dozens of manufacturers and with thousands of flavors;
  • Simple navigation on the site, the ability to sort products according to the desired parameters;
  • Getting additional advice online and by phone from our specialists;
  • Simple order form;
  • Prompt processing of applications;
  • Delivery in Irpen to the address.

With you get convenience, comfort and a guarantee of the quality of any ordered product.