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Tobacco for hookah in Brovary

Excellent quality hookah tobacco in Brovary is a guarantee of pleasant leisure time with friends. The branded products contain original natural ingredients. They provide the best taste, unique aroma, smokiness of the mixture in narghil. In a wide assortment we offer you to buy refills for hookah Brovary. In our online store, there are always high-quality products at an affordable cost.

Hookah tobacco: smokiness and taste

High quality hookah dressing is made from selected tobacco leaves and natural ingredients in syrup. These components include:

  • Certified food flavorings;
  • Sweeteners of natural origin such as honey or molasses;
  • Safe food cosmetic glycerin for humans.

Flavors are made from natural products, their juices, emulsions or concentrates. During the preparation process, they are mixed in proportion to obtain the desired flavoring tone of the dressing. Each manufacturer has its own recipe. Due to this, the same taste of hookah tobacco can differ significantly for different brands.

To obtain a softer and more pleasant smoke, ingredients such as honey or molasses are added to the syrup. Both have a softening effect. Due to this, a softening of smoke is achieved when inhaling and a less expressive irritant effect on mucous membranes when smoking. Also, honey and molasses allow you to achieve a slight sweetness, improve the perception of the main taste and allow you to achieve an aromatic and long-lasting aftertaste with an enveloping effect.

Glycerin is used in hookah tobacco as a smokiness additive. When heated, it forms a thick vapor. Mixing with the smoke from smoldering tobacco, the result is real clouds of smoke, similar to clouds. This component is present in the products of almost any brand in one proportion or another. It depends on how smoky your smoke will be.

Choosing tobacco for hookah in Brovary by strength

Buying hookah dressings pay attention to the strength and type of tobacco. Very often, these two parameters are interrelated. Light varieties of tobacco, such as Virginia, are less nicotine. During preparation, the sheet can be washed or steam treated. Thus, part of the tar and nicotine is removed from the composition. The mixture gets a milder flavor when smoked.

Strong varieties are made from unwashed tobacco leaf. The Burley variety is more in demand for this. Such hookah tobacco is characterized by more pronounced astringency and bitterness of tobacco. It has a characteristic tobacco flavor.

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We offer the best hookah dressings. The price of hookah tobacco in Brovary in the Tabakka online store is affordable. Moreover, we have:

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You can order hookah tobacco in Brovary around the clock using our website. Also, during business hours, we accept orders by phone. The numbers are listed on our resource. With our online store, you always get a guarantee of quality, speed and convenience of shopping.