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Tobacco Milano Mojito M5 (Mojito) - 100 grams

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  • Tobacco Milano Mojito M5 (Mojito) - 100 grams
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Tobacco Milano Mojito M5 (Mojito) - 100 grams

Brands: Milano

2 reviews

250 грн. 300 грн.


Do you like cocktails? Then the taste of a popular drink will bring you real pleasure when smoking tobacco Milano Mojito M5 (Mojito) - 100 grams. Sweet and sour mix, with a slight chill on the exhale, perfectly refreshes, and gives vigor on hot summer evenings. He is completely perfect, therefore it is excellent to smoke solo. The abundant smoky clubs that such a hookah will plunge into will contribute to complete relaxation and relaxation.


High-quality German tobacco differs from the popular Milano brand in medium strength, high heat resistance and correct cutting. Tobacco mix, without the presence of logs and sticks, makes the taste of hookah smoke perfect.

Производитель Milano
Country Germany
Weight 100 grams
Flavor Lime,Ice
Strength Easy
Smoke High
Heat resistance Medium
Виталий 31/05/2020

Табак заставляет ощущать прохладу, сочный лайм. РЕКОМЕНДУЮ

Саша Головко 28/05/2020

Спробував, досить смачно та димно, курили на сіліконі, дуже круто в колбу налити спрайт, рекомендую спробувати кожному, сам табак добре пропитаний.

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