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Tobacco Milano Crisp Berry M3 (Crispy Berry) - 100 grams

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  • Tobacco Milano Crisp Berry M3 (Crispy Berry) - 100 grams
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Tobacco Milano Crisp Berry M3 (Crispy Berry) - 100 grams

Brands: Milano

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250 грн. 300 грн.


An inimitable berry mix that will surely impress fans of sweet and sour cocktails - Milano Crisp tobacco Berry M3 (Crispy Berry) - 100 grams. It clearly guesses notes of fragrant blueberries, juicy raspberries, vibrant strawberries and delicious blackberries. The taste of fillings with naturalness and freshness, invigorates and fills the room with an unusual aroma. The taste is completely perfect, and you can add extra coolness by mixing it with mint or menthol tobacco.


German Milano tobacco is distinguished among its competitors by high heat-resistant properties, plentiful smoke and a good concentration of tobacco blends. Smoking a hookah clogged with such tobacco is always easy and pleasant.

Производитель Milano
Country Germany
Weight 100 grams
Flavor Berries,Ice
Strength Easy
Smoke High
Heat resistance Medium
Tamila 19/11/2019

Просто бомба)))

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