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Tobacco Milano Banana Smoothie M42 (Banana Cocktail) - 100 grams

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  • Tobacco Milano Banana Smoothie M42 (Banana Cocktail) - 100 grams
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Tobacco Milano Banana Smoothie M42 (Banana Cocktail) - 100 grams

Brands: Milano

2 reviews

250 грн. 300 грн.


Especially for lovers of sweet mixes! A novelty in the hookah tobacco market is the amazing taste from the Milano trademark - Banana Cocktail. Fragrant and bright, it simply captivates with its rich and velvety aftertaste. After inhaling the sweet smoke, it seems that you are drinking delicious milkshakes with banana filling. Sweet but not sugary tobacco is great for smoking solo. Do you want to try a really high-quality smoking mixture?

Then tobacco for Milano hookah will be an ideal choice . It is made in Germany, and managed to establish itself with plentiful smokiness and excellent transfer of taste. Thanks to its medium strength, smoking is easy and pleasant.


Производитель Milano
Country Germany
Weight 100 grams
Flavor Banana,Milk
Strength Easy
Smoke High
Heat resistance Medium
Ирина Щербина 26/04/2021

Табак очень низкого качества. Я предполагаю, что это подделка. Ароматом банана и не пахнет, а вот запах (табака) пластмассой - знатный. Надеялась, что при забивке что то изменится, но нет. И на вкус и на запах плохо.

Tamila 19/11/2019

Банановий коктель ,ароматний,яркий,димний)))

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