Coconut Coal

Coconut charcoal for hookah


If you want to enjoy smoking hookah longer, then choose coconut charcoal.  The production of such a product is carried out with coconut shell.  Its hallmark is that you need a little more time to rekindle. But you can use a hookah for more than an hour and a half. This favorably distinguishes coconut coal among other types.


What are the advantages of this type of coal?

  • The product is made from environmentally friendly natural substances.
  • The smoking process will become much longer.
  • There is no bad smell that spoils the session.

For example, coconut coal Milano - the best coal for hookah in Ukraine, with a 100% content of coconut shelving. The best coal of 2018 in Germany!


If you are a true hookah lover or just a beginner, you should buy cococha coal for hookah to have fun and relax.


Such a product is very easy to use. For its kindling  it’s not necessary to have a burner; a simple gas stove will suffice. This process may take longer than with other types of coal. The quality of the products that you have purchased primarily affects the firing time. For a smoking session to bring real pleasure, you should buy coconut coal for hookah in Ukraine from trusted manufacturers. Of great importance are also the conditions where the product was stored. If you want to get quality goods at the best price, then hurry up to place your order on the website of the Tabakka online store.


Coconut charcoal quickly gained popularity in many countries of the world, found his fans, he is in Ukraine. And this is very natural, because choosing this option of smoking, you get an incredible smell and aroma. Hookah should be fun, so buy coconut charcoal to make it pleasant to smoke.


Hookah on coconut (cococha) coal in Kiev , Kharkov , Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv and other cities of the country is very simple to buy - go to the site and choose the necessary goods. Our assortment has everything so that you can feel extraordinary pleasure. After analyzing your desires and capabilities, get coconut coal in the right amount. We only work with trusted suppliers, so the coal in the Tabakka online store is of high quality and inexpensive, as well as hookah tobacco .


More and more of our customers prefer coconut coal, because they know how much he has advantages. If you are interested, then place your order faster and soon the product will be yours. We work so that you can have a good rest!