Now hookah is a popular means of relaxation in many countries, in demand among people of different age categories. And no wonder: the hookah smoking process itself is a rather entertaining and a little mysterious activity. However, in order to organize a truly high-quality process that gives only pleasure, you need to be able to organize everything correctly, take into account all sorts of nuances and choose materials that are really suitable for the hookah and accessories . Only in this case the result will satisfy all your expectations!


Choose high-quality coal for the hookah


Among the stages of organizing such a meticulous process as a hookah, it is worth highlighting the selection and purchase of coal for hookah. Why does this product play a significant role? The thing is that the final product in the process of hookah smoking also depends on the type and quality of coal; in no case should you save on it. What types of this product are used by hookah lovers at the present stage:

  • Coconut;
  • Woody;
  • Self-igniting .

In most cases, charcoal is preferred because it has a rich aroma and, accordingly, complements the taste of the tobacco mixture. This is an ideal option for those who want to appreciate the hookah in all its beauty and fullness of aromas and colors. Such a product is made of lemon tree, as well as olive seeds. A certain minus in the charcoal characteristic is also present: before use, it must be properly heated. But it will not be difficult if you use a lighter.


The best choice for connoisseurs of the process


Coconut coal for hookah in Kiev is considered one of the most common materials. It is made from coconut shell. Despite the fact that it has been ignited for a long time, it is often used in hookah smoking, because such coal retains heat for a long time, and the hookah remains operational. One refueling is enough for at least 30 minutes. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly material, it contains no harmful substances, and coconut coal does not affect the tobacco flavor in any way.


Key features of coal for a hookah


It is easiest to activate a self-igniting coal for a hookah, this can be done within one minute. However, the product also has many disadvantages:

  • During its smoking, a specific unpleasant aroma is emitted;
  • Sparks appear when fired;
  • Does not retain heat.

The smell of self-igniting coal also depends on the material from which it is produced. If this is saltpeter, you definitely won’t get much pleasure from the hookah. In this case, it is better to purchase coal made from dry alcohol - it is less unpleasant, although it can not be compared with other types of coal.


We organize the process correctly!


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