Tobacco Sultan 50 grams

Finely chopped, well-soaked Sultan 50 grams of tobacco provides high-quality, smoky smoking, which is so much appreciated among smokers. Finely chopped tobacco leaves, among which you will not find logs and sticks, can easily be hammered into the bowl even by inexperienced hookah workers.

Buying Sultan tobacco 50 grams means getting a product that is different:

  • high smoke
  • good heat resistance;
  • correct slicing;
  • a large assortment of tastes.

Another significant advantage of such tobacco is natural European flavors, which are part of shisha. They provide a natural smack aftertaste, without the slightest hint of chemicality.

A convenient 50 gram pack in which tobacco is packed has a fairly budget cost. This allows you to buy several flavors of such tobacco at once, successfully combine them with each other and each time get unique, amazing mixes.