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Tobacco Sultan

Tobacco Sultan

A bright novelty for the Ukrainian consumer is the Jordanian tobacco Sultan. For a short period of presence on the market, he has already managed to win an army of fans and become a worthy competitor to the giants in the tobacco industry. Strong, persistent and natural - these are its main advantages.

Features of Sultan Tobacco

For the manufacture of popular tobacco, quality Virginia tobacco leaves are used. In addition, the composition of shisha includes glycerin and natural flavors.

Tobacco is distinguished by a rather small cut, moderate soaking, so it will not need to be additionally prepared before clogging the bowl.

The bright aroma that is felt when opening the pack and accompanies the entire process of smoking a hookah is another indisputable advantage of Jordanian tobacco. The high quality flavors that are used to create this product attract smokers even more.

Sultan line of flavors

Today, the manufacturer offers more than 100 amazing tastes of quality Sultan tobacco. The assortment offers unrivaled mixes and vibrant solo flavors.

The most popular among consumers are the following Sultan tobacco flavors:

  • Double apple - a classic taste that is considered universal. He smokes solo well, but also behaves with dignity in mixes.
  • Banana Cherry - a favorable combination of sweet banana with a characteristic cherry sourness. Ideal for a female company.
  • Black cocktail - under an unusual name hides a pleasant combination of forest berries, which give their charming taste and unrivaled aroma.
  • Blackberry - the aroma of such tobacco is not very pronounced, rather light. But the taste is very bright and rich.

This is just a small list of the top tastes from the Sultan. However, in the taste line there are still a lot of amazing flavors that undoubtedly deserve the attention of consumers.

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