Tobacco Serbetli 50 grams

Tobacco Serbetli 50 grams

Sherbetli tobacco is known to every hookah lover as one of the softest and lightest on the market. Mixtures from this Turkish manufacturer contain a small amount of nicotine, have a low or medium strength, and also boast excellent heat resistance and smokiness.

All this is ensured thanks to a special recipe for soaking, which includes natural honey, molasses, as well as a number of natural flavors.

One of the most important features of this tobacco is that it goes well with others in as a base or additive in mixes. Given this feature, the manufacturer took care of the lovers of experiments, and produces mixtures by packing 50 grams. And today, it is this packaging of Serbetli 50 gr that is most popular due to its compactness and economy.

The original taste of Serbetli tobacco

The Turkish brand of Sherbetli is widely represented in the Tabakka online store. In the catalog you can find almost all the tastes in the packaging of 50 grams, and if necessary - order a larger package. In the assortment of the Serbetli brand you can find both single aromas, like the well-known Melon, Lyme or Blackberry, as well as a whole palette of ready-made mixes. The following popular flavors can be distinguished among them: 

  • Istanbul Nights - a berry mix with a pleasant refreshing note;
  • Rotana - guava, cream and mango - a delicate and light aroma;
  • Summer Time - a light floral flavor that is suitable for easy smoking and relaxation;
  • Ice Bodrum Tangerine - tangerine tobacco mixed with fresh mint;
  • Ganita - oriental spices and pink aroma, which together give a stunning effect of lightness;
  • Banana Strawberry - classic with etanie banana and strawberry, which was appreciated by almost all lovers of shisha;
  • Lemon cake - fragrance gentle lemon cake with some ductility taste, but at the same time - with a touch of freshness.

This is not all 50 grams of Serbetli packaging available in the Tabakka online store. The assortment contains up to 80 different tastes, most of which you just want to smoke or test as the basis for mixes. That is why you can buy Serbetli tobacco 50 grams, which is ideal for these purposes.