Tobacco Serbetli 1 kilogram

Serbetli 1kg tobacco - a kilogram of pleasure!

Turkish producer of tobacco Sherbetli is considered one of the most recognizable tobacco products on the market. And this is not surprising. Indeed, despite the rather short history of the company, this brand has won the hearts of real connoisseurs of hookah smoking due to the original tastes, their diversity, smokiness, and high quality raw materials.

History of Serbetli 1kg tobacco

Turkish producer of stewed tobacco Serbetli appeared in 2005, but until the early 2010s, it remained exclusively in the Turkish market. Only after 2012, neat boxes of bright colors with the name of this brand began to appear in hookah shops in the CIS countries, Europe and the United States, and almost immediately made a strong impression on real connoisseurs of fragrant smoke.

Such wide popularity was the result the fact that today tobacco from this brand is considered one of the highest quality on the market and at the same time it is sold at a very modest price for 1 kg.

This packaging is considered optimal for purchasing tobacco in hookah bars and clubs, as high demand impurities from Serbetli allows you to purchase the popular combination of such large volumes of.

Features of raw materials and ready-mixes from Serbetli weighing 1kg

As a basis for the preparation of the mix is used popular variety of tobacco leaf - Golden Virginia. Its softness, pleasant sweetness and at the same time its ability to soak in syrup allowed it to become the most popular variety used by manufacturers of tobacco mixes. Serbetli is no exception. However, the company's specialists also focused on the careful selection of leaves for their products. In production, the probability of getting branches or stems in packaging is almost completely minimized. For the whole kilogram pack, it is impossible to find substandard impurities or unevenly cut leaves. This accuracy in slicing and careful selection of raw materials allows tobacco to be as heat-resistant as possible and smoke easily and freely even at the highest possible temperatures.

As for the impregnation features, it is worth noting that the manufacturer uses natural honey as the basis. Such a solution makes Serbetli tobacco significantly weaker, removes bitterness from the aftertaste, gives the smoke softness and tenderness, and also allows you to completely get rid of the “chemicality” of the flavor when smoking certain flavors.

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New horizons with 1 kg Sherbetli tobacco

Contrary to popular belief, large packs of tobacco are a bad decision, as the pack is not designed for long-term storage and the impregnation can dry out, you can immediately note the fact that any tobacco from this brand, regardless of flavorings, is soaked so thoroughly that it will be quite difficult for it to dry. The only condition is proper storage of tobacco in a sealed bag that has already been opened.

When storing tobacco in a closed box in a cool and dark place, the smoke levels of the mixture, as well as its endurance, will practically not change over time. 
However, it is still worth noting that for one-time pokuros at home, a kilogram packing is justified if this particular taste is your favorite. In all other cases, it is much more practical to purchase several different mixes to a lesser extent in order to be able to experiment and open new horizons in smoking hookah.

In the event that 1 kg of Sherbetli tobacco is purchased for a bar or club, then such packing is an excellent option, because Serbetli 1 kg tobacco is in great demand in Ukraine and it certainly won’t lie down.