Royal Tobacco (Royal) 1 kilogram

Tobacco for a hookah Royal 1 kg

The absence of chemical aromas in tobacco, heavy and dense smoke during smoking - what could be better? These characteristics are what distinguishes Royal hookah tobacco 1 kg. 

Features of tobacco for Royal 1 kg hookah

High-quality Arabic tobacco for Royal 1 kg hookah is in great demand among consumers. The average strength of the product guarantees special softness of smoking and at the same time accompanies it with a rich taste. 

Advantages of tobacco for Royal 1 kg hookah:

  • bright, rich taste, without the slightest hint of chemistry thanks the use of natural flavors;
  • high level of heat resistance - you can smoke such tobacco for a long time;
  • a large number of different tastes - the assortment of classic mono tastes and inimitable cocktails. Among them, every fan of smoking a hookah will find a worthy favorite for himself. 

Wholesale kilogram packaging of tobacco for Royal hookah 1 kg will be an excellent outlet for cafes, restaurants and hookahs. Thanks to this packaging, you can buy high-quality tobacco as profitably as possible.

Where to get Royal hookah tobacco 1 kg

On the website of our online store you can easily find a large number of excellent tobacco for hookah at the manufacturer’s price. Experienced managers will always help you make the right choice. They will be happy to advise you on which product to choose.