Royal Tobacco

Royal Gum Mint Tobacco (Mint) - 1 kg

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Tobacco Royal Sultan (Sultan) - 1 kg

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Tobacco for the hookah Royal

Arabian tobacco, which is as saturated as possible with oriental notes, has a delicate and deep aroma, as well as a deep aftertaste. The absence of chemical flavoring, make it even more pleasant to taste, without supersaturation with aromas. Great hookah plugin, which is really worth a try.

Features and benefits of tobacco for hookah Royal

Finely chopped and finely soaked tobacco can give you good and smoky smoking, which is especially appreciated among hookah shakers. The homogeneous consistency, without any impurities makes it easy to hammer the cup even for an inexperienced smoker and enjoy the perfect taste of a hookah. Due to the increased level of heat resistance, such tobacco does not burn, due to which you are unlikely to taste the bitterness in the process of smoking, which very often arises from burning tobacco leaves. 

The main advantages of Royal tobacco are:

  • an excellent, persistent aroma - just starting to open the packet with a shisha, you you can smell the delicious smell that will accompany you throughout smoking a hookah;
  • puffs of smoke - the vapor is much larger compared to price counterparts. In addition, it is very soft and pleasant, therefore, even with prolonged smoking, it does not tear the throat;
  • diverse taste line - the assortment includes classic tastes that smoke solo perfectly, and at the same time harmoniously combine into different mixes.

Prepare a hookah with milk, clogging the bowl with high-quality Royal tobacco, and you will feel how it will sparkle with new colors. 

Top tastes from the Royal 

In oriental tobacco for Royal hookah you will find such classic tastes:

  1. Caramel;
  2. Apple;
  3. Peach;
  4. Plum;
  5. Strawberry;
  6. Melon;
  7. Watermelon;
  8. Banana and others.  

Saturated and natural, they can be safely used for long enough smoking from which to receive incredible pleasure. Sweet honey peach blends perfectly with fresh watermelon, and a unique melon, which is a little bit luscious, goes well with strawberry acidity. Do not be afraid to experiment, create real masterpieces of hookah craftsmanship by choosing Arabic tobacco for hookah.