Tobacco Nakhla Mizo

Tobacco Nakhla Mizo

Hookah tobacco Nakhla

Nakhla tobacco is one of the first tobaccos that appeared in Ukraine. The company is located in Egypt, which is famous worldwide for the production of incense and quality tobacco. The difference between the products of this company is the use of traditional recipes, exclusively natural flavors and careful selection of tobacco leaf.

Nakhla tobacco is distinguished by its high strength and smokiness, which is why it is traditionally referred to as typically male. In 2013, there was a centenary from the beginning of the production of this tobacco, and for more than a century history the company has kept all the traditional recipes, introducing new developments in them.

Features of the tobacco Mizo 

Tobacco of this company has an affordable price and truly high quality. The tobacco leaf is steeped using a special technology, after which it is carefully cut in order to preserve the uniformity of taste.

A package of 50 grams will be an excellent choice for someone who not only wants to try this tobacco, but also light it several times. The smoking mixture is packaged in foil bags, characterized by high tightness, which perfectly retain the pristine flavor of the product. Only natural ingredients are used as flavorings, the tradition of preparation of which originates many centuries ago. 

Production in accordance with Arabic traditions allows you to achieve excellent taste, which for many years have become the hallmark of Nakhla. If you want to know what real hookah tobacco is, then you should pay attention to Nakhla smoking blends.

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