Tobacco Nakhla Mix

Tobacco Nakhla Mix

Features of the tobacco Nahla Mix

You have been smoking a hookah for a long time, have tried all tastes, they are already tired of you , and so you want something new, refreshing? It’s for you that Nakhla developed the mix line.

Red the thread in it is the taste of mint - juicy, rich and fresh. It is so intense that some smokers treat the common cold with this tobacco. Bright notes can complement the mint aroma of fruit or spice. Tasters highlighted the three most successful mixes that will appeal to most connoisseurs of the original yummy. The top includes a mixture of mint with lemon, watermelon and grapes. The rest are also not bad, but more for the amateur. 

Lemon Mint is the most refreshing combination of flavors. The sourness of the lemon accentuates the mint. It will appeal to everyone, and especially lovers of sour taste. If sour is not to your liking, and you already have tobacco, just add a little bit of sweetness. Almost everything suits this taste, so feel free to mix it.

Grape Mint - almost always enters the top 10 tastes, often appearing in the first the top three. The juiciness of this tobacco has become a legend for which many docks abandoned other flavors in favor of this one.

Watermelon and Mint (Watermelon Mint). This combination of tastes has analogues in the market, but surpasses them in saturation. Super-melon watermelon and hyper-fresh mint seem to penetrate to the very insides.

The taste of the Nakhla mix line is so rich and intense that even sophisticated lovers will not be able to smoke this tobacco for a long time. Count on an hour, a maximum of one and a half. If you are a novice smoker, it is better not to smoke such juicy mixtures for the first time. And if you have already purchased, dry it a bit with paper towels or ordinary napkins. The composition for smoking contains molasses, which enhances the taste. If you partially remove it, then the sensations from the hookah will not be so pronounced.

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