Tobacco Nakhla Classic Line

Classic Nakhla tobacco

Egyptian Nahla has been on the tobacco market for over a hundred years. Its typical aromas are familiar to any smoker with experience. Beginners, before buying new “extravagant” tastes, should first familiarize themselves with the classics in order to understand for themselves: what smells are really mine? 

For sale tobacco in two types of packages: 50 and 250 grams each. If you know its taste, it’s more profitable to purchase large boxes, if you only try, take small ones. In case the aroma does not suit you, try to mix it with other tobacco. Often that smell, which is not like the main one, pleasantly envelops the soul as a note. Just imagine that we are in the way. So, most smells will fit the apple, but the selection will be more severe for the melon, as it is sharper and more peculiar, it’s better not to try it yourself, except to mix it with the most neutral.

The chip of the line is the Double Apple flavor, few people don't like the sour taste with a hint of anise. If you suddenly find yourself in such a minority, add cinnamon or pistachios. The intense tastes of such mixes will help you find yourself in a paradise garden of positive emotions.

"Strawberry" - with   Nakhla is very tender. By the way, thanks to this, it makes sense to mix melon with it.

Apricot also has a light fruity flavor, however, it does not become less saturated with time. How to combine the velvety taste with its constancy is the secret of the company, which many others dream of learning.

For lovers of more acute sensations, “Orange” is suitable. It is more juicy and thick, but again, it remains so until the end. Moreover, an orange is an invigorating fruit. Therefore, its aroma should be inhaled before dancing or an active night. If you need to relax, it's better to choose something easier, or mix with Adalya tobacco .