Tobacco Milano 500 grams

An excellent tobacco that is especially popular among smokers is Milano 500 grams. Having appeared on the market, German tobacco immediately gained a leading position and continues to hold them to this day.

Features of Milano tobacco 500 grams

Buying such a product, you will definitely not pay for the brand, but for quality. The fact is that tobacco for hookah of the German manufacturer are characterized by several obvious advantages: 

  • Excellent quality. Before creating a product, the manufacturer paid great attention to thinking about the concept of its production. As a result, the resulting tobacco is distinguished by the correctness of cutting, abundant soaking and optimal packaging. From smoking such tobacco you can get true pleasure, which lasts until the last coal is burned in a hookah. Excellent German tobacco simply cannot but please and leave smokers indifferent.
  • Increased heat resistance. Making your choice in favor of branded tobacco, you can be sure that it will not burn, unlike cheap analogues, and give the smoke a perfect, rich taste without the slightest sign of bitterness.
  • Affordable price. Quality tobacco cannot be too expensive, but you can buy Milano 500 grams at the right price, which is available to most smokers.
  • Natural flavors. The manufacturer pays great attention to the ingredients that make up the smoking mixture. Flavors are no exception. For Milano 500 grams of tobacco, only natural flavors are used that maximize the taste of smoke to real fruits. If the pack shows peach, then you can fully count on the bright peach flavor of the smoke.

Where you can cheaply buy original Milano tobacco 500 grams

Our online store offers a wide range of quality tobacco at an affordable price. In the conveniently located online catalog you can easily find the German tobacco for Milano hookah , which is presented in a package of 100 g, 200 g , 500 gr. A large 500 gram package will be an excellent choice for hookah institutions, as it will significantly save on the purchase. Such a can is enough for a long time, because the smoking mixture is quite concentrated, so a small portion of tobacco will be required to hammer one hookah. The mix of milano and American tobacco tangiers can give an interesting combination.

Make your choice in favor of trusted stores and buy tobacco, the quality and originality of which you can be completely sure of.