Tobacco Milano 200 grams

German smoking blends from the Milano trademark are especially popular among consumers. They are distinguished by good quality, high smokiness and richness of taste. That is why such tobaccos are one of the most bought in our country.

Tobaccos for milano hookah for real gourmets

The famous tobacco is packed in convenient and sealed metal cans of 200 grams. Such packaging allows you to use the product for a long period of time after opening, without losing all the positive properties.

The purchase of a wholesale pack is much cheaper. Smoking mixes from Germany are very concentrated, therefore, to fill one cup you will need a very small amount of tobacco mixture.

The exceptional flavor and inimitable aroma makes you want to smoke tobacco for milano hookah constantly. This effect is ensured by the quality of all components of the product:

  • Virginia tobacco sheets;
  • Glycerin;
  • Natural molasses and flavors.

Such ingredients make the taste of tobacco rich, and the puffs of smoke coming from the hookah thick and plentiful. 
The product has an average strength, so many guys and girls like it. Having bought hookah tobacco milano 200 grams, you can enjoy the light and perfect aroma of your favorite flavor for a long time.

Top mixes from Milano

The flavor line of German smoking blends has a large assortment of solo flavors and unusual, inimitable mixes. A large number of hookah enthusiasts choose products from the Milano trademark precisely for its exclusive mixes. The most popular among them are the following:

  1. "Blue Energy" - combines several options of juicy and varied berries, creating a sweet and sour and very pleasant aftertaste. This mix is ​​ideally complemented by mint coolness, which is also present in the composition of the tobacco mixture;
  2. “Honey Melon” - a rich, sweet flavor. It is perfect for those who love sweet and vibrant tastes. The inimitable melon is perfectly combined with honey sweetness;
  3. "Road Runaway" - combines many fruits from the tropics. In the smoke you can clearly understand the bright notes of pineapple, passion fruit, orange, lime, complemented by vanilla spice and sweetness.

Buy tobacco for hookah Milano 200 grams at an affordable price can be in the online catalog on the site . A wide range of diverse tastes will allow everyone to choose a favorite for themselves and enjoy their favorite flavor for a very long time.