Тobacco Fumari 100 grams

Tobacco for the Fumari hookah 100 gram

Tobacco for fumari hookah 100 gr. - is a unique product that is manufactured in the United States. He won one of the first places in the hookah market due to his exclusive tastes and high-quality ingredients.

Fumari hookah tobacco in a package of 100 grams can be purchased in a variety of taste types - from classic to unique mixes. It is the unusual taste that distinguishes it from most competitors.

Fumari offers three lines of tobacco, each of which is distinguished by its quality and unusual aftertaste.

Fumari hookah lines 100 g

  1. Fruits and berries are the most popular since most customers still prefer fruit and berry mixes. The main advantage of this line is that the picture on the package corresponds to the content inside. You immediately understand what you are buying. This lineup includes popular flavors such as raspberries, strawberries, orange, apple, etc. Another advantage of the hookah tobacco fumari, packaged in 100 grams is the packaging. A special fastener on the bag allows you to maintain the aromatic and taste properties of the product for a long time, and a transparent window in the corner of the bag allows you to control the composition and level of impregnation of the product.
  2. Fumari's Mints Delights Shisha - this line consists of flavors that resemble the aromas of popular sweets. The most famous of these is blueberry muffin and chocolate mint muffin. You can control the quality of the product through a transparent window on polyethylene.
  3. Fumari's Tropics Shisha - this line presents exclusive shades that cannot be found in any company. These are tropical mixes, which include the fruits of the cactus Opuntia, papaya, peach, etc. 

Fumari tobacco mixes 100 grams have long conquered true gourmets smoking mixes. The high smokiness that they provide makes the smoking process a real pleasure. 

Features of tobacco for fumari hookah 100 grams

A distinctive advantage of branded products is the original packaging in which the goods are packaged.  These are bags made of thick polyethylene, in which, after opening, you can close it with a special fastener. This clasp is very convenient for storage and preserves all the properties of the product. Cutting the leaves of the product is not too large, it contains quite large logs.

Another significant difference from similar products is the very dense and abundant impregnation of the leaves.

The increased humidity of the product prevents it from burning even at very high temperatures coal for a hookah . This property does not give a smack of bitterness when smoking, which is especially important.

How to order the product?

You can place an order in our online store "World of Tobacco." You need to choose one of the top flavors of fumari tobacco and add it to your basket. Our employees will contact you within a short period of time and place an order. You can pick up an order at a warehouse in Kiev, or arrange delivery by courier.