Tobacco Fumari 1kg

Tobacco for Fumari hookah 1 kg

Fumari hookah tobacco is a premium tobacco blend of good quality. It is produced in America. The line is characterized by a wide range and a wide variety of tastes.  According to independent estimates by connoisseurs of hookahs, Fumari tobacco is one of the highest quality products in the global tobacco market in taste and saturation.

Buy tobacco for wholesale Fumari hookah according to 1kg it is possible in various tastes - from classic to unforgettable mixes. This ego stands out among most competitors.

Smoking mixes of a well-known American brand occupy leading positions not only in the USA, but also in European markets.

Fumari flavor line

Kilo packaging fumari tobacco is presented in unusual flavoring forms. High-quality flavors that are used in production, consist not only of natural components but also synthetic substances. The secret of the composition is classified, so you will not find any similar mixes anywhere. The company produces several unique types of tobacco, including: 

  • coffee with spices - a rich aroma of coffee beans with a spice of oriental spices. It will not leave indifferent fans of this drink;
  • prickly pear is a mix that is difficult to describe in words, you only need to try it. Brightly expressed pear notes add piquancy and a peculiar sweetness to the smoke;
  • marmalade bears - a taste familiar from childhood. Now these marmalades can also be smoked!
  • spiced Tea - resembles natural black tea with spicy spices;
  • white marmalade Bears are pineapple notes of marmalade with sour orange. Great for lovers of non-sugary shades.

You will not find such a combination in any manufacturer. This makes this line unique. And the most favorable prices for tobacco for a hookah only with us.

Features of production and packaging

Hookah fumari tobacco is packaged in bulk packages of 1 kg, as well as in packs of 100 g. The packaging is made of high-quality polyethylene, which allows you to preserve all the properties of the product for a long period of time.

The package has a transparent window. This is important, because you can control the consistency of the product and its soaking.  With regards to soaking, it is quite plentiful and sometimes makes up a third of the pack. This is a great advantage, since good impregnation provides a greater smokiness of the product, and it can retain its properties for a long time. This also prevents the ignition of tobacco at high temperatures in the hookah, and accordingly, there will be no smack of burning when smoking.

Advantages of buying in our online store

We offer to buy fumari tobacco in bulk in Ukraine on our website.   World of Tobacco sells quality products at prices from the manufacturer. An experienced manager will help you place your order, who will not only advise on the taste of the product, but also offer additional accessories for hookahs . We deliver by courier in the city, or offer to pick up the goods at the warehouse.