Tobacco Fumari (Fumari)

Tobacco Fumari (Fumari) - ease in every breath

Hookah leisure is perhaps at the peak of its heyday. Numerous bars offer visitors entourage, comfortable armchairs and sofas for relaxation, as well as a huge variety of tastes from various manufacturers. 
One of the most famous in our latitudes is hookah tobacco from the American brand Fumari. And there is absolutely no secret to his popularity. It’s enough to just say that this tobacco is recognized as one of the best among professional hookah workers on all continents, due to its softness, smokiness, as well as naturalness and safety. And due to this, it has become much easier to buy Fumari tobacco in Ukraine than 7-8 years ago, as more and more visitors to hookah bars order it, knowing the delicious taste of the American product.

Fumari tobacco - its advantages and features

Today, we can safely say that there are four main advantages of this American product: 
• High-quality raw materials; 
• Excessive soaking sheet; 
• Low fortress; 
• Sealed and convenient packaging. 

Ervaya and the main feature of this product is that it is made only from selected leaves of Golden Virginia - the most suitable varieties of tobacco for hookah mixes. Speaking of blends: in total, the flavor palette from Fumari tobacco is represented by more than 40 flavors, and every new year the producer pampers brand fans with new original mixes.

Tobacco Fumari can also boast the cleanliness of the mixture. Tobacco leaves at the sorting stage are separated from twigs and other items that can get into the finished product and spoil the taste of the combustion products. Due to such careful sorting, the tobacco is organic and rich, so much appreciated by real fans of this brand.

With all this, it can be noted that the price of Fumari tobacco is quite democratic so that every connoisseur of original tastes can try the mixture from this American brand. Unlike other famous tobacco manufacturers from America, Fumari is considered one of the most affordable, but at the same time high-quality products.

Taste of tobacco Fumari (Fumari) 

Tobacco from this American brand boasts high heat resistance. Even if the mixture overheats during smoking, no burning or unpleasant taste sensations appear in the smoke. Due to the special technology of soaking the leaves, Fumari tobacco retains its aroma even at the highest temperatures. However, hookah workers with mix experience from this brand recommend not overheating tobacco so that the taste does not lose its expressiveness.

Features of the preparation of tobacco Fumari (Fumari)

Fumari tobaccos are recommended to be poured into the bowl “with a slide”, however, the mixture must be completely fluffed before being placed in a container. This will allow to saturate the aroma as much as possible and reveal all the notes of taste when smoking a hookah. In turn, some experienced hookah experts recommend laying the mixture with a “well”, leaving a small depression in the center. This format is suitable for beginners, due to the simplicity of air intake. At the same time, a hookah clogged in this way not only stretches a little easier, but also allows you to relax as much as possible, without losing clarity and sharpness of mind.

Fumari Tobacco Flavor Palette

Based on user preferences, the company always tries to present new original aromas and tastes of Fumari, which almost immediately become hits in most hookah bars. So, today you can buy tobacco for Fumari hookah of the following types:
•  Ambrosia - a hit of summer seasons; 
• White Gummy Bear - a classic taste of jelly bears; 
• Island Pappaya - a tropical flavor that blends perfectly with other mixes ; 
• Mandarin zest - sour mandarin flavor; 
• Spiced Chai - one of the most original tastes from the manufacturer, reminiscent of warming tea with spices and spices. 
One of these tastes, or any other from the American catalog Brands can be purchased online. You can buy Fumari tobaccos packed in 100 grams or 1000 grams for bars and clubs right now by placing an order in the online store.

Who has not tried heavy tobacco for hookah , he doesn’t know how lustful a hookah is. Have a good time!