Tobacco Fasil

Tobacco Fasil

Tobacco for Fasil hookah are Turkish-made smoking blends that are relatively new in the hookah industry. They are distinguished by a peculiar taste, which some people like very much, while others categorically do not perceive it.  Hookah tobacco is available in a wide range of flavors that are rich in contrasting tastes. Such products are thoroughly distinguished from the competitors by the original packaging. It is made of perforated cardboard, and inside there is branding packs. The bag is bright and colorful, on it you can easily find the composition of the product, shelf life, etc. Standard packing is 50 grams. The price of smoking blends is relatively not high, but the smoking properties are just up to par. This brought Fasil tobacco to the leading position in consumer demand for a fairly short period of its existence on the market.

What are the blends made from

Tobacco mixtures from a well-known manufacturer are made from tobacco leaves, they add honey, glycerin and many natural flavors. They do not contain dyes, and differ in the natural color. Tobacco has a small cut, medium humidity and does not contain logs. It does not need to be squeezed beforehand, you can simply remove it from the bag and fill the bowl with it. The lightness of the product makes it a favorite among the female half of smokers. Good smokiness of the product allows you to completely plunge into the fragrant puffs of smoke and enjoy the hookah smoking process. 

Popular tastes of Fasil tobacco that can be bought on our website

In the online store " The world of tobacco " a wide flavor line of this product is presented. There are both mono flavors and mixed options. Among the most popular: 

  • Love; 
  • New line;
  • Your dream;
  • Control point;
  • Lemon muffin; 
  • Cola lemon;
  • Ice cactus and others. 

Fasil tobacco is not an expensive option, so you don’t have to expect anything fantastic from it. It has a beautiful and vibrant packaging, an unusual name and a large flavor assortment. You will get a wonderful smoky and heat-resistant mixture for only 50-70 UAH. Try different tastes, combine them into unique and unique mixes, and enjoy the pleasant process of hookah smoking with your close friends. Come up with your own mix or buy Fumari tobacco from us.

On the website of our store such a product is presented at the best price. Add it to your cart and you will be surprised at the quality of service and prompt delivery.