Tobacco Element

New on the Ukrainian market is tobacco for hookah Element. Prepared from natural ingredients according to original recipes, both beginners and experienced gourmets will definitely like it.

You can buy Element tobacco in the online store "World of Tobacco."  We have affordable prices, in the presence of the entire line of flavors, only high-quality, original products. We carry out delivery in Kiev and other regions of the country.

Advantages of smoking mixes TM "Element" 

Element is a great choice for those who are looking for the best combination of price and quality. Noble aroma, pleasant both in taste and visually smoke - from the first puff it is clear that this is a good product. The cut is small, similar to tobacco Serbetli. Packaging - cardboard, inside a hermetically sealed plastic bag.

Tobacco strength The item is medium, comparable to the tobacco strength Darkside the Medium line. This is achieved through the use of Burley tobacco leaf.

We are sure that you will be interested in the possibility of buying Element tobacco. Here are just some of its advantages:

  • plentiful, dense and aromatic smoke;
  • good heat resistance, tobacco does not burn;
  • palette of original, deep tastes;
  • ease of filling into the bowl.

If you buy your first tobacco for hookah - any of the tastes of TM Element will be a good choice. If you are a sophisticated hookah user and are looking for something new, interesting, tasty and enjoyable, he will not disappoint you at least.

The range of tastes

"Element" is a wide variety, but traditionally TOP brands are considered to be TOP tastes:

  • Cactus date - sweet-tart mix with a light bitterness. Shades of aloe vera mixed with the sweetness of dates will delight you.
  • Belgian waffle - for lovers of desserts. Sweet, but not sugary mix with light notes of alcohol, pastries and caramel.
  • Watermelon halls - a chilling aftertaste filled with freshness of watermelon, gentle cool menthol and a pleasant sourness.
  • Pamelo grapefruit - A popular flavor that combines two citrus fruits at once. Sweet and sour mix, exhaling gives a slight astringency, making the taste unforgettable. 
  • Kalamansi - lemon flavor, complemented by the freshness of lime and kumquat.

Also in the lineup there are mono-tastes for a smoker with any preferences, all tastes mix perfectly with each other.


Element is a Russian brand whose products are made from Burley tobacco leaf processed using exclusive technology. The abundant impregnation of the mixture guarantees a rich taste and long smoking. The leaves are boiled, so that they acquire a noble, rich brown color. 

This is one of the few Eastern European brands whose blends for hookah are of world-class quality. And you can buy it in Ukraine right now in the World of Tobacco online store. Order!