Tobacco Darkside Soft

Tobacco Darkside Soft

Tobacco Darkside Soft - ideal for the combination of price and quality. It is made in Russia in compliance with all necessary technologies and cooking conditions. As a result, the original tobacco is obtained, which is capable of captivating hookah lovers with the perfection of its taste from the first breath. 

Tobacco for hookah darkside software - features and benefits

Ruler Soft from Russian manufacturer - the least strong of all presented. However, when smoking a hookah, saturation and a certain strength in taste are still present. 

Tobacco is made from high-quality and popular tobacco leaves around the world Burley. Thanks to the preliminary digestion of the leaves, the taste of tobacco is distinguished by characteristic nutty notes that perfectly blend with the natural German flavors that make up shisha.

Cutting tobacco is correct, fairly small. That is why, to score a bowl is not difficult even for a beginner hookah shaker. 

As for the packaging, the manufacturer took care that the product is transported and stored retained all its properties. In a thematic cardboard box is a tightly sealed plastic bag with tobacco. The product is being packaged by:

  • 100 grams;
  • 250 grams. 

Due to the concentration and saturation of tobacco, the packaging will last for a long time, since it takes a very small portion to fill the hookah bowl. 

Tobacco buy Dark side Soft in a wide assortment

Hookah tobacco manufacturer Darkside Soft took care of to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding gourmets. That is why, the assortment presented in our online store has many types of tobacco for every taste.

The real bestsellers were: 

  • Torpedo is a mix of sweet, juicy watermelon and a fragrant melon;
  • Virgin Melon (Melon) - nothing but a melon. It is juicy, aromatic and not sugary;
  • Mango Lessy (Mango Lassi) - lassi - this is a drink made from yogurt and fruits with the addition of various spices and ice;
  • Skylime (Lime) - juicy exotic lime and fresh mint;
  • Astro Tea (Star Tea) - the fresh taste of green tea with a slice of lemon is perfect for lovers of simple and not too intrusive taste sensations;
  • Generis Raspberry (Raspberry) - a flavor of fragrant, fresh she and ripe raspberry. Bright and sweet on inhalation, and gives a little pleasant sourness on exhalation. 

There are many more divine mixes and mono flavors in the assortment of Darkside tobacco that can elevate hookah hookah to the highest peak of bliss.